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FSH acts on which cell in males?
this gland is involved in producing pre=ejaculate
catalyzes the conversion of testosterone to estradiol?
synthesizes androgen binding protein
Which two enzymes catalyze the conversion of progestins to androgens?
The binding of Testosterone to what protein helps keep a steady supply of it in the testes.
Luteinizing hormone acts on which cell in males?
How many days does spermatogenesis take?
involved in production of a substance that gives ejaculate its alkaline nature
pH of prostatic fluid
testosterone travels in the blood bound to what protein?
T/F: The exogenous administration of testosterone can lead to infertility
Testosterone concentration is ____ times higher in the testes than the blood.
T/F: Testosterone, estradiol, and DHT provides positive feedback regulation at the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary gland.
produces seminal fluid containing nutrients, fructose, and prostaglandins
sex binding hormone binding globulin is made in which organ?
Which cells are responsible for removing damaged germ cells from the testes?
Which cells provide nourishment to developing germ cells?
Which hormone causes baldness and hair recession in males that are aging?
T/F: Drugs like viagra work by inhibiting the enzyme (Type V phosphodiesterase), which catalyzes the breakdown of cGMP (cGMP stimulates vasodilation).
testosterone serves as a negative feedback regulator for the release of what hormone?
The release of what substance from the nerve terminal of the cavernous nerve causes vasodilation?
synthesizes inhibin
sperm accounts for what percentage of total ejaculate
Which portion of the autonomic nervous system controls erection?
Which enzyme catalyzes the conversion of cholesterol to progestins
GnRH is composed of ____ amino acids.
______ acts on gonadotophs to prevent the release of FSH
True or False: The epididymis is involved in sperm production.
T/F: germ cells express estrogen receptors which optimize spermatogenesis.
Which cell maintains the blood testes barrier?
What type of junctional complex helps maintian the blood testes barrier?
seminal fluid accounts for what percentage of total ejaculate
Which hormone binds to the same receptor as LH?

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