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Troponin C, T and I make up the ...
dark A band is bisected by the lighter
Myofibrils are composed of
highly specialized attachment sites in cardiac muscle
protein that anchors thick filaments to the Z line
light band within the sarcomere is known as
thin filaments of muscle are composed of
I band is bisected by which line
True or False: During Bending, the hydrolysis of GTP causes conformational change of myosin.
I band contains only which type of myofilament?
you can find diads of T tubules and sarcoplasmic reticulum in which type of muscle?
striated muscle found in the heart
thin or actin filaments attach to which line
this portion of the troponin complex binds Calcium
The last stage of the contraction cycle is?
cytoplasm of muscle cell is called...
true or false: During contraction the I band shortens
side polar myosin can be found in____?
neurotransmitter used in muscle contraction
When the myosin head is tightly bound to the actin molecule of the thin filament, this is known as ...?
An influx of which molecule causes the activation of voltage sensor proteins and in turn the opening of Gated Ca release channels in muscle?
a neuron along with specific muscle fiber that it innervates is known as a ___ ___
desmosomes are located in which portion of the intercalated disk
which 2 proteins in smooth muscle block the myosin binding site on actin?
true or false: smooth muscle contraction can be initiated by mechanical, electrical, and chemical stimuli (all result in increased intracellular Ca2+)
numerous tubule invaginations of the plasma membrane of myofibers
muscle cells
thick filaments of muscle are composed of
striated muscle attached to bone and responsible of movement of the axial and appendicular skeleton
true or false: Contraction is cause by and increased overlap of thin and thick filaments
protein is composed of 2 polypeptide heavy chains
an autoimmune disease characterized by extreme muscle weakness. Acetylcholine receptors are blocked by antibodies to the receptor protein
The bind of which molecule initiates the start of release in the contraction cycle?
muscle cells are formed from
muscles that do not have striations
True or False: In the bending stage of the contraction cycle, the hydrolyzed ADP and inorganic phosphate remain bound to the myosin head.
this structure in striated muscle contains voltage sensor proteins that are activated during depolarization
Myofilaments are organized into repeating functional units
gap junctions are located in which portion of the intercalated disks
well developed smooth ER in muscle cells
this portion of the troponin complex binds to actin, inhibiting actin-myosin binding
thin filaments in smooth muscle form
bi polar myosin can be found in ______?
you can find triads of T tubules and sarcoplasmic reticulum in which type of muscle?
True or False: During Release, ATP binds to the myosin head, causing a conformational change, lowering the affinity of myosin for actin.
Located in walls of all hollow organs –digestive tract, blood vessels, urinary bladder, bronchial tree
Myofiber cytoplasm filled with cylindrical structures called?
this protein runs in the groove formed by F-actin strands.
true or false: Myosin light chain dephosphorylation leads to cross-bridge formation between the myosin and the actin, leading to contraction
the plasma membrane of muscle cells are known as
Hydrolysis of ATP occurs during which stage of muscle contraction?
connective tissue that wraps around muscle fibers to form fascicles
major component of the A band is
which protein in smooth muscle binds Ca?
This Neurotransmitter opens Na+channels, leading to depolarization of sarcolemma and initiation of action potential in myofibers
dark bands within sarcomeres are known as
True or False: T-tubules much larger in diameter in cardiac muscle than in skeletal muscle.
The 4th stage in the contraction cycle is...
True or False: Attachment begins with the attachment of ATP to the myosin head.
The release of phosphate from the myosin head ______ the affinity of myosin to it's new attachment point on actin in the power strokeof the contraction cycle
which molecule is required for the initiation of contraction?
bundles of individual muscle fibers
connective tissue sheath that surrounds a collection of fascicles
true or false: During contraction the A band shortens
dense bodies are made up of a network of intermediate filaments containing which 2 proteins
the place where 2 networks of sarcoplasmic reticulum meet is called
Name 1 component (there are 2) of thin filaments does striated muscle contain that smooth muscle does not?
fascia adherens are located in which portion of the intercalated disk
the sarcoplasmic reticulum works with ____ to quickly move calcium in and out of striated muscle fibers.
true or false: calponin and caldesmon can be found in striated muscle
this type of striated muscle is typically mono-nucleate
which component in smooth muscle acts in a way similar to Z lines?
thin filaments are anchored to the z-line by which protein
this portion of the troponin complex anchors troponin to tropomyosin
True or False: Attachment is the initial stage of muscle contraction, in which the myosin head is tightly bound to the actin molecule of the thin filament
G-actin polymerizes to form
what binds to the myosin light chain kinase to activate it?
connective tissue (reticular fibers) that intimately surround individual muscle fibers

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