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Histo Unit 1
typical size of an RBC (µm)?
limit of human eye
limit of light microscope
about the limit of electron microscope
electron microspy that allows you to see the inside of a cell
electron microspy that allows you to see the surface of a cell
most common DNA-binding proteins
short cylinder of histones and DNA
active DNA
nonactive DNA
synthesis of rRNA
Contains many hydrolytic enzymes that degrade phospholipids, proteins, nucleic acids, and oligosaccharides
contains hydrogen peroxide and is involved in lipid synthesis and oxidation of fatty acids
N-linked glycosylation occurs in which organelle?
O-linked glycosylation occurs in which organelle?
“high mannose” glycans are added to side chains of the amino acid asparagine... where?
No ribosomes and no protein synthesis • Lipid synthesis. Involved in detoxification
site of transport vesicle formation and departure from ER
only organelle that exhibits “polarity”
where transport vesicles from ER “arrive” at Golgi
where transport vesicles ”depart' from Golgi
phosphorylation of lysosome proteins occur in what organelle
what signal is required for targeting to the lysosome?
what signal is required for constitutive secretion?
due to deficiency or defect in enzyme needed for synthesis of mannose-6-phosphate (M6P) sorting signal
actin cytoskeleton-mediated internalization of large particles (e.g., bacteria) carried out by relatively few specialized cell types (e.g., macrophages, neutrophils)
regulated mechanism for organelle turnover
process by which extracellular molecules are internalized by vesicle formation at the plasma membrane
non-specific endocytosis of extracellular fluid and dissolved substances carried out by most cell types
Histo Unit 1
endocytosis where cell surface receptors bind specific ligand and are selectively internalized by a process that excludes most other plasma membrane proteins
which cellular component is involved in phagocytosis?
membrane-bound structures derived from lysosomes that store undegraded relatively inert substances
Contain neutral lipids - triglycerides, cholesterol esters
autoimmune disease, autoantibodies are produced against desmoglein proteins in desmosomes
separation of epidermal keratinocytes
Separates apical and basolateral plasma membranes
Barrier to diffusion between cells (paracellular pathway)
occludins and claudins are associated with which junction
links claudins and occludins
anchoring junctions that Connected to actin microfilaments that join terminal web
zonula adherens membrane protein?
zonula adherens cytosolic protein?
cytoskeleton element affiliated with zonula adherens?
cell-cell junctions are ....?
cell-matrix junctions are ...?
family of regulated, Ca++ dependent cell adhesion glycoproteins
these junctions regulate diffusion of small molecules between cells
six connexin proteins form a...?
desmosomes aka
cytoskeleton element affiliated with desmosomes?
desmosome cytosolic protein?
desmosome membrane protein?
focal adhesion membrane protein?
hemidesmosome membrane protein?
focal adhesion cytoskeletal element?
hemidesmosomes cytoskeletal element?

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