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Back Unit 1
Protrusion of spinal cord and meninges
Protrusion of meninges through the vertebral arch
Middle Meningeal layer
Para-axial mesoderm differeniates into ?
Deep Back Muscles innervated by dorsal primary rami are formed from what embryonic layer?
myotomes differentiate into?
Outer meningeal layer
Nucleus pulposus is derived from what embryonic layer
Back muscles innervated by ventral primary rami are formed from what germ layer?
2nd vertebra
Brain and spinal cord are derived from which specific embryonic precursor?
cervical and lumbar (curvature)
Occurs when blood supply is cut off for an extend period of time
Name triangle bordered by latissimus dorsi, medial border of the scapula, and lateral bordertrapezius
Arachnoid Mater extends to what level of the spinal cord
Abnormally increased extension of the lumbar region of the spine.
One caudal half of a sclerotome fuses with one half of the cranial sclerotome to form what?
Inflammation of meninges caused by bacterial or viral infection
Defective Closure of the Vertebral Arch (bony defect only)
How many vertebral bodies?
Caudal anesthesia or an epidural anesthethetic is injected through what hiatus?
throacic and sacral (curvature)
annulus fibrosis is derived from what portion of the paraaxial mesoderm?
Protrusion of the nucleus pulposus
Spinal tap is performed in what space?
Back Unit 1
Triangle formed by illiac crest, the external oblique, and latissumus dorsi
Severe hyperextension of the neck
Neural tube and notochord are formed from what para-axial mesodermal layer
abnormally Increased thoracic curvature
Disease characterized by the destruction of myelin in the spinal cord and the brain
Conical End of Spinal Cord
Characterized by a pain radiating from the back to the buttock and to the lower limb
Foramen through which spinal nerves pass
How many Spinal Nerves?
Surgical removal of the spinous processes and their supporting lamina
An accentuated lateral curvature of the spine. Always abnormal.
Inner Meningeal Layer
Dorsal root ganglia is derived from?
1st vertebra
Contain Somatic Sensory and Autonomic Sensory Cell Bodies
Conus Medullaris usually occurs at what level?
Ligament that hold the spinal cord in place
somites differentiate into?
preganglionic sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves are derived from?
Which vertebra have costal facets
presympathetic preganglionic cell bodies are located in lateral horns at which level?
sympathetic preganglionic cell bodies are located in lateral horns at which level?
Connects the lamina and helps maintains upright posture
what folds to form the neural tube?

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