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patient undershoots or overshoots when trying to touch a mark
associated deep nucleus of the vermis of the cerebellum
which portion of the substantia nigra has modulatory effects on the striatum?
termination of the dorsal spinocerebellar tract
Cerebellar projections to the cerebrum exit via what?
termination of vestibulocerebellar tracts
associated deep nucleus of the lateral hemispheres of the cerebellum
associated deep nucleus of the flocculonodular lobe of the cerebellum
True or False: the SCP has inputs coming from the cerebral cortex
outputs from which nucleus are bilateral
small movements
True or False: dysfunction of the spinocerebellar system leads to impaired balance or control of eye movements
difficulty initiating movements is known as what?
D1 dopaminergic receptors act to ____ cAMP levels
clinical term for clumsy or intermittent movements
caudate and putamen are collectively known as what
origin of cuneocerebellar tract
Termination of the pontocerebellar tract
laterality of the vestibulocerebellar tract
laterality of olivocerebellar tract
origin of the dorsal spinocerebellar tract
True or False: The STN is excitatory activating the GPi/ SNr by the release of glutamate
termination of olivocerebellar tract
laterality of cuneocerebellar tract
this disease is caused by a loss of projecting dopaminergic neurons to the striatum
This portion of the cerebellum is involved in axial movement
this disease is caused by a loss of striatal neurons
termination of the cuneocerebellar tract
inability to perform rapidly alternating movements
Laterality of the dorsal spinocerebellar tract
small, quick involuntary movements of fingers, hands, and occasionally head, arms, and legs
the darkly pigmented portion of the substantia nigra
violent flinging movements, usually involving entire arm
This portion of the cerebellum is involved in limb movement (intended vs actual)
Termination of the corticopontine tract
Where do most spinal cord and brainstem afferents enter the cerebellum?
the main efferent output to the cortex for limb motor planning, execution, and correction come from which 2 nuclei
laterality of pontocerebellar tract
Outputs via the SCP terminate where? (2 answers)
Difficulty in visual pursuit
Which deep nucleus of the cerebellum projects to the vestibular nuclei and reticular formations
Where do most afferents from the cerebrum enter the cerebellum?
dysfunction of spinocerebellum characterized by uncertain starts and stops, lateral deviations, and unequal steps
Laterality of the corticopontine tract
this portion of the cerebellum is involved in eye movements
what tract is responsible for carrying descending information from the cortex to the pons
True or False: The MCP has no ouputs
characteristic tremor that becomes most pronounced at the end of a movement but is not present at rest
origin of olivocerebellar tract
Laterality of cerebellar outputs to cortex
D2 dopaminergic receptors act to ____ cAMP levels
true or false: the cells of the deep cerebellar nuclei are tonically active and the Purkinje cells act to inhibit these cells
True or False: there are 3 layers of Purkinje cells in the cerebellum
This portion of the cerebellum is involved in planning, refining, and executing skilled movements
slowness of movement is known as what?
Neurons from the pontine nuclei cross contralaterally in what?
associated deep nucleus of the intermediate zone of the cerebellum
origin of vestibulocerebellar tracts
This tract carries info for preprogramming of fine motor movements
nearly constant slow sinuous, writhing movements

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