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True or False: Increased concentration of Phosphate in the kidney, increases the catalytic activity of renal 1 hydroxylase.
PTH is composed of __ amino acids.
Another name for vitamin D3
pathological condition usually caused by renal failure, in which PTH acts to promote bone resorption but it is unable to act at the kidney ( with inability to synthesize 1, 25 dihy
true or false: Calcitonin acts to inhibit osteoclast activity.
What is responsible for detecting the blood Ca levels for regulation of the release of the PTH hormone?
How is PTH released from the parathyroid gland?
True or False: 1, 25, dihydroxy D3 provides a long term negative feedback mechanism for secretion of PTH by acting at the chief cell to decrease PTH synthesis
True or False: Calcitonin serves to inhibit collagen production and an increases production of proteases to breakdown bone.
catalyzes the conversion of 25 hydroxy D3 to 1, 25 dihydroxy D3.
What percentage of Ca is complexed?
True or False: The short term secretion of 1, 25, dihydroxyD3 is to help increase blood Ca, supporting PTh
this peptide hormone is responsible for the decreasing blood calcium levels
responsible for conversion of 25 hydroxy D3 to the biologically inactive form of dihydroxyD3
Where is Vitamin D3 converted into 25 monohydroxy D3?
Calcitonin is produced where in the body?
Calcitonin is responsible for reducing levels of what ion in the plasma?
The action of PTH at the ____ promotes Ca reabsorption, P excretion, and promotes the synthesis of 1, 25 dihydroxy D3.
What percentage of Phosphate is complexed?
PTH promotes bone _____.
What is the major regulator of PTH secretion?
pathological condition usually caused by a benign parathyroid gland tumor. Results in high PTH, hypercalcemia, hypophophatemia, hypercalinuria and the patient may have kidney stone
PTH receptors are located on what types of cells?
PTH acts on what two portions of the kidney nephron to decrease Phosphate absorption?
The decrease in renal phosphate by PTH does what to the catalytic activity of renal 1 hyrdoxylase?
When there is enough Vitamin D, sufficient Ca, and high renal phosphate which vitamin D3 metabolite is made?
True or False: PTH is a steroid hormone.
catakyzes the conversion of vitamin D3 to 25monohydroxyD3
The PTH hormone acts on which two portions of the kidney nephron to increase Ca reabsorption?
Calcitonin acts primarily at what target organ?
often caused by autoimmune destruction of parathyroid gland or surgical removal of the gland resulting in hypocalcemia
True or False: 1, 25 dihydroxy D3 acts antagonistically to PTH helping to excrete Ca
What percentage of Phosphate is protein bound?
this molecule serves to inhibit the cytokine activation of osteoclasts
The osteoblasts release _____ that cause an increase in number and activity of the osteoclasts
What hormone inhibits bone resorption as a result of the stimulation of osteoprotegerin?
Where in the kidney does 1, 25 dihydroxy D3 act to promote Ca resorption?
this peptide hormone is responsible for the increasing blood calcium levels
True or False: 1, 25 dihydroxy D3 acts at the intestine to increase Ca and Phosphate absorbption into the blood.
occurs as a result of hypoparathyroidism that leads to spontaneous discharge of peripheral motor neurons or muscle spasms and seizures
occurs because of a disruption in PTH signalling (mutation in the Gs protien coupled to PTH receptors in bone and kidney) which results in hypocalcemia and hyperphophatemia and hig
responsible for the transport of 1, 25 dihydroxy D3 to bone and intestines
Which cells of the parathyroid gland synthesize PTH?
major target organs of PTH
a CaR activator that mimics the effect of high plasma Ca to inhibit PTH synthesis
which protein is responsible for the transport of vitamin D3 and 25 hydroxy D3
What percentage of Ca is protein bound?
pathological condition that is caused by a tumor in the adrenal cortex causing an increase in secretion of glucocorticoids which inhibit calcium reabsoption at the kidney and calci
softening of bones in children due to a Vitamin D deficiency or impaired metabolism of Vitamin D3
True or False: when Ca or P are bound to proteins it can be filtered by the glomerulus and acted on by hormones
What percentage of Ca is ionized?
What percentage of Phosphate is ionized?
True or False: Low levels of Ca increase secretion of PTH, but does not influence transcription of PTH.
softening of bones in adults due to a Vitamin D deficiency or impaired metabolism of Vitamin D3 - defective mineralization
The CaSR receptor is a G protein receptor, and when there are high levels of Ca, the receptor activates a G protein that ____ cAMP levels.
in the acute phase, PTH promotes bone _____.

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