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Club that Simon and Clary visit
Name of Jace's father
How Clary likes her coffee
6th TMI book
Hodge's main weapon
First shadowhunter
Country for shadowhunters
Location of the Mortal Mirror
Mixed his blood to create shadowhunters
Children of Lilith
Signed every 15 years
Word for regular humans
Used to draw runes
Rune for healing
Primary shadowhunter weapon
Creators of shadowhunter weapons
The City of Glass
Sent to the NY institute with the message 'I am coming'
Political body of shadowhunters
Silvery addicting warlock powder
Shield between the demon world and our world
Law upheld by the Clave
Allows you to see through glamours
Demon equivalent to the Mortal Cup
Angel imprisoned by Valentine
Color for shadowhunter funerals
Last name of Clary's mother
Used to detect demonic activity
Turns person green and yellow when infected with this
High warlock of Brooklyn
Clary's father
Highest rabked member of the Clave
Another word for shadowhunter
Home of the Silent Brothers
Person who killed Camille

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