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Forced Order
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'Sex is not dating.' 'If it were_______'1x13
'Second of all I'm not making out with you because _______'2x04
'I'm mad at you. But _________'2x04
'But when Artie and I are together we talk about stuff like feelings. 'Why?' 'Because ________'2x15
'Still I have to accept, _______'2x15
'I am so yours, ______'2x15
'If you were to embrace all the awesomeness that you are, you would've won.' 'How do you know?' 'Because I voted for you. And because ______'2x20
'What about you and I?' 'I love you Santana. I love you more than I've ever ______'2x22
'All i know about you and I is that, because of that, I think _______'2x22
'You're my _______.' 'Yeah me too.'2x22
'You're a genius, Brittany. You are the _____'3x02
'Are we _____? Or what.'3x04
'When I'm with Brittany, I finally understand what people are talking about when they talk about ____?3x07
'This is such bull crap. Why can't Brittany and I kiss in public. Because we're _________?'3x13
'I would like to send one to my girlfriend Brittany. And by that I don't mean my friend who's a girl, I mean my _______. How does that sound?'3x13
'Just to know that I have someone who believes in me as much as you do. ________.'3x16
'Sophmore year I used to sit in this back row and ______.'4x04
'I counted the number of times you'd ______, and I'd die on days that you didn't.'4x04
'You know I will always _______.'4x04
'You really are a ______ Brittany. And you're my best friend.'4x13
'And there's Santana.' 'Oh man. You don't _______, Brittany.'4x22
'I really want to be with you, Santana. I've seen the world and I'm sure now more than ever that ______.'5x12
'And I'm sure your girlfriend's great, but, you can't ______.'5x12
'I'm just the world's foremost _________ of Santana Lopez.'5x13
'I want you to ________ with me. Is that a yes? 'Yes.'5x13
'How can I argue with the logic of your _______?'6x03
'As a math genius, I am one of the few people who understand the concept of infinity and I will __________, Santana Lopez.'6x03
'I don't want to live my life without ______.'6x03
'Brittany S. Pierce, __________?'6x03
'When I'm with Santana, it just, feels like ______, and angel wings remind me of her.'6x06
'Having her at my wedding means not marrying you, and I'd _______.'6x06
'Did I ever tell you that I love you? '__________.' 'I love you.' 'I love you.' 6x06
'Without Britt, I just ____. She's the love of my life and I'm going to marry her...'6x06
'You're my _____________.'6x06
'I'm really sorry that I can't go an hour without seeing you, 'cause I'll just ________.'6x08
'I would've suffered it all, just for the tiny chance to be standing up here ________.' 6x08
'_____.' '_____.'6x08
'OTP stands for _______ and I've been lucky enough to find mine with Brittany.'6x08

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