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Can you name the Sci-Fi show by the given character?

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CharacterTV Show
Zoe Washburne
Col. Jack O'Neill
Lt. Felix Gaeta
Astrid Farnsworth
Inara Serra
Dr. Gaius Baltar
Vir Cotto
Jayne Cobb
Nina Sharp
Dr. Daniel Jackson
Chief Galen Tyrol
Olivia Dunham
CharacterTV Show
Londo Mollari
Zack Allen
Shepherd Book
Maj. Samantha Carter
Phillip Broyles
Col. Saul Tigh
Kaylee Frye
Talia Winters
Maj. Gen. George Hammond
Lincoln Lee
Pres. Laura Roslin
Malcolm Reynolds
Walter Harriman
Officer Anastasia Dualla
Peter Bishop

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