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Can you answer the following questions, whose answers begin with 'H','A','R', or 'D' per the column headings?

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Norwegian adventurer, lead Kon-Tiki expedition in 1947

23rd US President, served in between Cleveland's two terms

Rare earth element, atomic number is 67, symbol Ho

Largest and most populated of Japan's islands

German physicist who developed the uncertainty principle

In Greek mythology, he is the personifcation of the Sun

Caucasian country, bordered by Russia, Iran, Georgia, Armenia

Premier League team based in Witton, Birmingham
First African-American tennis star to win Wimbledon and US Open; died in 1993 

Last complete poem by Edgar Allan Poe, published in 1849
Home planet of Princess Leia, destroyed by Death Star in 'Star Wars' 

Maryland city, home of US Naval Academy


Pyschological test based on interpration of inkblots
English actor known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes from 1939-1946 

New Mexico site of alleged UFO crash in 1947
1940 Academy Award Best Picture winner; directed by Alfred Hitchcock 
Second largest city in the Netherlands, one of the largest ports in world 
In Viking mythology, the 'Doom of the Gods'; end of the world 
British Prime Minister, served two terms; first in 1868, and then from 1874-1880 
Country located in the Horn of Africa; bordered by Eritrea, Ethopia, Somalia 

Currency of Greece until its replacement by the euro in 2002
Region in western Sudan about the size of France; recent history of genocide 

Ivy League university founded in 1769, located in Hanover, NH
Fifth book of the Hebrew Bible and Jewish Torah/Pentateuch 

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