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Can you decide whether each song or album is from Stryper or Black Sabbath?

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Song/AlbumStryper (S) or Black Sabbath (B)
SONG: Killing Yourself to Live
ALBUM: Reunion
SONG: The World Of You And I
SONG: You Know What To Do
SONG: Dear Father
SONG: The Reign
ALBUM: To Hell With The Devil
SONG: Lord of This World
SONG: Blackened
ALBUM: No More Hell To Pay
SONG: All For One
SONG: Wicked World
SONG: Ordinary Man
SONG: Into The Void
ALBUM: Dehumanizer
ALBUM: Cross Purposes
SONG: Lonely is The Word
ALBUM: Forbidden
SONG: Age Of Reason
Song/AlbumStryper (S) or Black Sabbath (B)
SONG: The Gates Of Hell
ALBUM: Reborn
ALBUM: Soldiers Under Command
ALBUM: Murder By Pride
SONG: God Is Dead?
SONG: Caught In The Middle
SONG: 4 Leaf Clover
ALBUM: Master Of Reality
SONG: Seventh Sign
SONG: Loud N' Clear
SONG: Hole in The Sky
ALBUM: Against The Law
SONG: Heaven and Hell
ALBUM: Born Again
SONG: Surrender
SONG: End Of The Beginning
SONG: No Stranger to Love
SONG: Never Say Die
SONG: Rock The Hell Out Of You

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