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Can you name the four-letter rungs in this world currency word ladder?

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$$ MEXICO $$

Destructive insect or animal; annoying person

Better than all others

Fibrous material from the phloem of a plant

Type of catfish native to Vietnam and Thailand
Bahamian band '____ Men', known for 'Who Let The Dogs Out'


Food used to entice fish or other animals as prey

Slang for British person

Temporary prison for offenders at sea

To talk boastfully

To pull something along on the ground


Trolley or cable car

Group of people competing in a sport

Large quantity of something, such as paper

$$ BRAZIL $$

Loud ringing of a bell or bells
Sweet fruit that is narrow near the stem and rounded at the other end

Grizzly, Kodiak, Polar, or Brown _____

Alcoholic drink made from malt, flavored with hops
Table or platform on which a coffin or dead body is placed at a funeral

Animal with feathers, wings, beak, usually able to fly

Shakespeare nickname, the ____ of Avon
Group of musicians organized for ensemble playing


Position in the hierarchy of the armed forces

Heavy armored fighting vehicle

To verbally communicate

$$ SAMOA $$
Social occasion with special entertainments or performances

Portuguese explorer Vasco de _____
Honorific title applied to a spiritual leader in Tibetan Buddhism

Capital city of Peru

$$ TURKEY $$

Character in Tomb Raider games, ____ Croft
Soft white substance, made from the fat of pigs, used in cooking

Queen of hearts, for example
Soft, white substance formed when milk sours; basis for cheese
Something that stops a disease and restores health
Hard; harsh; severe; rough; toilsome
Spanish or Spanish American peso or silver dollar

$$ UNION $$

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