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Can you name the Harry Potter things,from A-Z?

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Albus's brother at the Hog's Head
Dangerous ball in Quidditch
Torturing Curse
Hogwarts Horcrux
The Knight Bus driver
Hagrid's home dog's name
One of Ron's twin brothers (first name)
Town near Hogwarts
Dead bodies bewitched to do a dark wizards bidding
Petrified Hufflepuff student (first name)
Harry's house-elf
Horcrux hidden in the Cave of Horcrux
Hermione diguises herself as this lady in the 7th book (first name)
Student that kills Nagini (First name)
Mail carriers
Name of Harry's aunt (First name)
Name of the newspaper that Xenophilius Lovegood edits
First name of the author of the Daily Prophet
Name of the stone in the first book
Name of the tournament in the 4th book
Name of thw D.A.D.A teacher in the 5th book (first name)
Cabinet that Draco uses in the 6th book
Name of the tree that holds the entrance to the Shrieking Shack
First name of Luna's father
Name of the dance held for the Triwizard Tournament
Name of the joke shop in Hogsmeade

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