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Harry Potter
Year 1
Harry's aunt and uncle- Petunia and
The keeper of the keys (gamekeeper)
The Alley to purchase wizarding products
Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher
Harry's best friends- Ron and
Platform to Hogwarts Express
Neville's toad
Hat that chooses the houses
Potions teacher
The Hogwarts Poltergeist
What happens on Halloween-Troll gets (L)
The sport played on brooms
Unicorn _____
Three headed dog
Quirell is hiding ______
Creator of the Sorcerer's Stone
'Death is but the next great adventure'
Name of Hagrid's dragon
Dumbledore's gift to Harry
Mirror of _______
Year 2
Name of people coming to the Dursley's
Name of the house-elf that warns Harry
'Miracle' that happens in Harry's room-Weasleys come in a
Name of the Weasley's house
Name of powder to travel by fireplace
Name of store Harry accidently goes to
Name where Lockhart sells 'Magical Me'
Name of tree they end up in
Name of the Letter that screans
Name of creatures that they work with in herbology
Harry Potter
Name of ghost in the Women's bathroom
What the writing on the ____
Filch is a _____
Gilderoy Lockhart makes Harry's arm
The _______ Club
Harry is _______
Name of _______ Potion
Name of the person in the diary (horcrux)
Minister of Magic
Name of the massive spider
Name of the place where Tom Riddle is
Name of the beast Harry fights
Heir of Slytherin
Name of the bird that saves Harry's life
Dumbledore sends Harry the
Dobby's Reward
Year 3
What happens to Aunt Marge-She is _____ up
Name of the Bus that takes Harry
Name of the men on the Bus- Ernie Prang and
Name of the Broom Harry sees (and gets)
Name of the creature that gaurds azkaban
Name of the werewolf professor
Name of the death omen
Name of the hippogriff
Name of the creature in the wardrobe
Why the Fat Lady leaves- Because of this man
The spell that gets rid of Dementors
Map that shows everyone in Hogwarts
Nicknames of creators of the Marauders Map
Name of the village next to Hogwarts
The message Proffesor Trelawny really means- That Voldemort will come to ______ again
What Sirius, James and Pettigrew are
Harry Potter
What Sirius turns out to be- _____'s Godfather
What Lupin turns out to be
What Pettigrew turns out to be
What Hermione has
Year 4
What happens at the Riddle house-Voldemort kills
What happens at the Quidditch World Cup- The _____ ______ come
The _____ _____
The Triwizard Tournament is a dangerous tournament for people who are seventeen years of age, or _____
Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor
The other schools for Magic are Beauxbatons and
The Goblet of Fire chooses two Hogwarts champions, one of which is
The first task for Harry is to battle the
Hermione's club for house-elves is
Rita Skeeter is two things- A reporter and an
The Yule Ball is a
To know what the second task is, you have to put the egg __________ and listen
The second task is to save someone from the _____ ____
Sirius is hiding in a cave in
Sirius is also reffered to as Padfoot and
Barty Crouch Sr. dies becasue of
Harry has the dream about The Graveyard at Riddle _____
The Pensieve is a liquid,solid and a gas that allows you to revisit things you need to go to. Dumbledore's is in a _____ _____
The third task is
Moody turns the cup into
Cedric is killed by
Harry experiences
Through that, the ghost of Voldemort's recently killed victims come ___
Cedric is Cho's
Veritaserum is
Moody is

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