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Descriptions of Word
space below the chest containing organs such as the liver, stomach, gall bladder, and intestines
fat cells (full of fat)
process of building up complex materials from simple materials
pertaining to the front
flexible connective tissues attached to the bones at joints
process of breaking down complex materials to form simpler materials to release energy
below another structure; pertaining to the tail or lower portion of the body
structure surrounding and protecting the cell; determines what leaves and enters the cell
superior; above another structure; pertaining to the head
neck region (C1 to C7)
tumor of the cartilage
tumor of the connective tissue
rod-shaped structure in the nucleus that contain regions of DNA called genes; there are 23 pairs and 46 of them
region of the coccyx(tailbone)
space in the head containing the brain and surrounded by the skull
process of cutting the skull
all the material that is outside the nucleus and yet contained within the cell membrane
away from the surface
muscle separating the abdominal and thoracic cavities; moves up and down and aids breathing
pad of cartilage between vertebrae
far from the point of attachment
pertaining to the back
structure (canals) within the cytoplasm; site in which large proteins are made from smaller protein pieces; anabolism takes place here
middle upper region above the stomach
skin cells that cover the external body surface and line the internal surfaces of organs
vertical plane dividing the body or structure into anteriior and posterior portions
Descriptions of Word
regions of DNA within each chromosome
study of tissues
right and left upper regions beneath the ribs
middle lower region below the umbilical region
below another structure
right and left lower regions near the groin
between the vertebrae
picture of chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell; chromosomes are ranged in numerical order
voice box; located at the upper part of the trachea
pertaining to the side
loin (waist) region (L1-L5)
pertaining to the lower back and sacrum
pertaining to the middle, or nearer the medial plane of the body
centrally located space between the lungs
the total of the chemical processes in a cell; includes catabolism and anabolism
structures in the cytoplasm in which foods are burned to release energy; catabolism takes place here
pertaining to the nucleus
control center of the cell
space below the abdomen containing portions of the intestines, rectum, urinary bladder, and reproductive organs
double-layered membrane surrounding the abdominal regions
throat; serves as the common passageway for food
endocrine gland at the base of the brain
double-layered membrane surrounding each lung
space between the pleural membranes
dorsal side of the body
lying on the belly
near the point of attachment
Descriptions of Word
region of the sacrum (S1-S5)
the one bone at the end of the spine
lengthwise vertical plane dividing the body or structure into right and left sides
tumor of the sacrum
space within the spinal column and containing the spinal cord
bone tissue surrounding the spinal cavity
nervous tissue within the spinal cavity
above another structure
on the surface
lying on the back
chest region (T1-T12)
the process of cutting the chest
endocrine gland that surrounds the trachea in the neck
pertaining to the windpipe
horizontal plane running across the body parallel to the ground; body divided into upper and lower structures
central region near the navel
one of two tubes leading from a single kidney to the urinary bladder
tube from the urinary bladder to the outside of the body
the womb; the organ that holds the embryo/fetus
pertaining to the front
single backbone
pertaining to the backbones
internal organs
pertaining to the internal organs

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