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surgical puncture to remove liquid from the abdomen
condition without cartilage (dwarfism)
enlargement of the extremities
extreme fear
describing a disease the opposite of chronic
resembling the adrenal glands; lymphatic tissue in the throat
fear of 'marketplace'; or crowded places
surgical puncture to remove liquid from the amnion
production of vessels
the process of recording vessels
surgical repair of the vessels
small vessels
the hardening of the arteries
pain of the joints
lack of growth
pertaining to the armpits
no clear function; number increases in the healing phase of inflammation; a leukocyte
the falling of the eyelids
inflammation of the bronchioles
the production of cancer
disease of the heart muscle
treatment of chemicals
condition of softening of the cartilage
pertaining to time
creation of a new opening in the colon
hernia of the cells
record of the electricity in the brain
active and increased in number in allergic conditions such as asthma
red blood cell
deficiency of red blood cells
structure of the throat
tumor of the blood
stopping of the blood
condition of water in the kidneys
treatment of water
excessive growth
pertaining to the groin
blood condition of holding back; loss of normal blood flow
instrument for viewing the abdomen
process of viewing the abdomen
the process of cutting the abdomen
pertaining to the larynx
excision of the larynx
blood condition of white blood cells
condition of white blood cells
cell of the lymph; fight disease by producing antibodies, thereby destroying foreign cells
recording of the breast
excision of the breast
stopping of change; the spread of a malignant tumor beyond its original site
cell of one; engulf and destroy cellular debris after neutrophils have attacked foreign cells
the process of studying change
resembling mucus
membrane of mucous
structure of mucus
pain of the muscles
the process of recording muscle
hernia of the spine
hernia of the muscles
tumor of the flesh and muscle
to view death
condition of death
pertaining to death
pain of neutrophils
deficient in neutrophils
phagocytes that engulf and digest bacteria in the blood
the process of studying eyes
produced in the bone
softening of the bones
pain of the ear
surgical removal of fluid nearby
production of a disease
pertaining to the study of disease
structure around the heart
pertaining to the peritoneum
visual examination of the peritonaeum
incision of the brain
responsible for clotting (clotting cells)
pain of the pleura (lung tissue)
condition of the lungs
cell of the blood with a multilobed nucleus
pertaining to the lungs
one who records x-rays
x-ray treatment
hernia of the rectum
enlargement of the spleen
berry shaped bacterium
twisted chain bacterium
surgical removal of fluid from the thoracic cavity
deficient in thrombocytes (clotting cells)
inflammation of the clotting veins (phlebitis)
making a new opening in the trachea
a small vein

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