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Blink our eyes, life's re-arranged. To our surprise it's still okay
So I'll wait 'til kingdom come, all the highs and lows are gone
I can't get your smile out of my mind
You can try to break us, and make us fall apart
And love isn't love 'til you give it away
Living life, life in the fast lane
Dreamers, you see everything in color
Oh, where you are is where I wanna be
Caught in a nightmare, can't wake up
There's a whale in the pool with my mother
So tired of reruns, I've memorized this show
You left without a single word, not even sorry
The future's out of focus, when you're blinded by the light
I've been missing you, it's true
Wipe away the tissues, that's right you've got issues
One look, that's all it took to send me to another galaxy
I daydream through my freshman math, as she fills out her college apps
Hold on tight, it's a roller coaster ride we're on
I held your hand, it felt like a movie
I wound up in detention, I still miss you
We can talk for hours, just staring at the stars
You were the one I thought I needed, I'm better off alone
I wanna fly with you, tear up the sky with you
My friend calls me at 9 o'clock says, 'Get the car it's time to rock'
Please just leave me alone, I'm already gone
One minute, and the earth begins to shake
Hand clappin', hip shakin', heart breakin'
How long will I be waiting, to be with you again?
I sit here alone and I wonder why
I'll never change my ways, it's not a phase
There's more to life than just to live
Now you've got me beggin' baby, beggin' baby please
How can I call you friend? You stood me up in the end
All I do is treat you with respect
I'm sorry for the trouble that's been costing us so much
The line is breakin' up, or is that just us?
Everybody gets the itch, everybody hates that...
I'm begging you to stay, and if it isn't too late
But my eyes can see, bluer skies that wait for me
You took my love and threw it on the ground
I think you and me would be a great coup-le. Yeah.
Never ending phone calls aren't enough
Telling lies just to feel happy, but I won't retaliate
With every strike of lightening, comes a memory that lasts
Spinning round these walls are falling down and I need you
I fell so fast, can't hold myself back
N is for nutrition
It feels like I'm walking on broken glass
But you had to go your way and that road was not for me
I don't wanna cause a scene, but I'm dyin' without your love
Don't let 'em get, inside of your head
Watch out for that girl, one day she may change the world
Even though she is the blonde, I'm the one that feels so dumb
I will not disappoint you, I will be right there for you
I'm on the edge of crossing the line
Your great, great, great grandaughter is doing fine
If I had my way, we'd talk and talk all day
You make me feel so much heat, I want you always near me
As the starlit sky begins to shy, we're breaking down
If time were still, the sun would never never find us

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