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A son of Aeneas, who will become a king of Alba Longa
the founder of Rome and brother of Remus
arguably the most famous roman, conqueror of Gaul
the first emperor of Rome
the second king of Rome
the third king of Rome
the fourth king of Rome
the fifth and seventh kings of Rome
the founder of the Republic
two great generals, father and son
a famous roman family, the wife of Augustus being one
a Roman general of the middle 4th century BC, who executed his own son
a Roman general who forced the Gauls out of Rome after its capture
Caesar's great political rival, a member of the First Triumvirate
a Roman general who conquered much of Greece
a Roman general who defeated King Pyrrhus of Epirus
a famously conservative philosopher and politician
a Roman general who defeated the Veientines, winning the Spolia Opima
two brothers, both reforming tribunes. who were both murdered
two famous generals, both of whom defeated Carthage
a Roman general who fought against a different King Pyrrhus, famous for his poverty
a Roman Consul who was found farming when asked to rule Rome
the confounder of Hannibal, famous for delaying
a winner of the Spolia Opima for defeating a Gallic chieftain
the father of Aeneas, his guide in the underworld

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