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claimnameOther info
'Aboriginal king'Gave his name to the Latin tribe
Son-in-law of predecessorCentral character in the Aeneid
Son of predecessorAlso known as 'Iulus', the founder of the Julian family
Younger brother of predecessorSon of Aeneas and Lavinia
Son of predecessorReigned for 31 years
Son of predecessorReigned for 51 years
Son of predecessorReigned for 39 years
Son of predecessorReigned for 26 years
Son of predecessorReigned for 28 years
claimnameOther info
Son of predecessorReigned for 13 years
Son of predecessorGave his name to the Tiber after he was killed by it
Son of predecessorReigned for 41 years
Son of predecessorTyrannical ruler who was murdered by a subject for throwing thunderbolts
Son of predecessorthe Aventine hill was named after him
Son of predecessorReigned for 23 years
Son of predecessorUsurped the throne from Numitor. Killed by Romulus and Remus
Older brother of predecessorLast Latin king of Alba Longa. Rome was founded in his reign
Grandson of predecessorFounder of Rome

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