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By most accounts, Steve Jobs named this company for his favourite fruit or memories of his time at an orchard.
Before it was an oil company, Marcus Samuel's business imported marine exoskeletons from Japan for use as decor.
Lars Olsson Smith chose this name to suggest the purity of his liquor, but it wasn't used for vodka until decades later.
Founder Mitch Kapor, a former Transcendental Meditation teacher, named this software company for a yoga position.
Frank and Ethel Mars named this candy bar for Ethel's favourite racehorse, who died just before it was introduced.
This chemical company is named for founder Herbert, not to be confused with the Charles who worked with Edward Jones.
Co-founder John Warnock named this software company for the creek behind his Los Altos home, not a building material.
Apparel brand State-O-Main renamed itself this in 1994, keeping the maritime theme with a logo of spinnaker sails.
A TV channel and news network ultimately derive this name from silent-era film producer William, not a sly animal.
This software company was named by co-founder George Canova's wife, who misspelled a French word for 'new'.
This company's name was inspired by 9ZN, the ham radio call sign of co-founder Ralph Mathews.
It's a Westernised spelling of the company's first camera, named for a merciful boddhisattva also called Guanyin.
Though founded in Connecticut, this beverage company is named for the shorthand for a trendy district of Miami Beach.
In 1984, Standard Oil Co. of California renamed itself this, a retail brand derived from the inverted-V shape in its old logo.
Don't squeeze this brand of toilet paper, named from how an employee in Green Bay described it in 1928.
This desktop publishing company was named for a subatomic particle, which derived from a word in 'Finnegan's Wake'.
Named when it was based near the Mississippi's alluvial plain, its logo suggesting a Greek letter came later.
Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have pitched this Guthy-Renker product, named for the 'preemptive' way it fights acne.
In 1961, Coca-Cola named this new soda after a 1940s advertising character, a boy with elf-like features.
Named for the cougar genus, this company was founded by Rudolf Dassler, whose brother Adolf founded Adidas.
Research in Motion named this product to sound natural rather than technological, and its buttons resembled seeds.
Active in 35 countries, this smart-traffic company's name is a truncated version of Samuel Morse's invention.
This company's name alludes to an invention of founder Tokuji Hayakawa, a mechanical pencil that never became dull.
This gum was named from Latin for 'tooth' and because it purportedly contained three enzymes to soften tartar.
For James Gamble's product, Harley Procter chose this brand name after hearing it in Psalms 45:8 in a sermon.
From 1963 until a 1999 merger, the company once called Socony-Vacuum had this name, suggesting ability to move.
This telecom company was named for its parent, Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Communications.
As their slogan says, 'there's only one T in' this beverage brand, which comes from a Chinese word for 'doctor'.
This fast food chain was named for a hamburger-loving character in the 'Popeye' comic strip.
Leo Kahn and Thomas Stemberg chose this company name that means 'essential items' or specific office supplies.
Sleep well knowing this Sanofi brand name for zolpidem is derived from an adjective meaning 'surrounding'.
Let it be known that this company name is an Italian acronym for 'Italian Automobile Factory of Turin'.

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