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Can you name the Big 4 Teams by Pairings?

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Thunder and....NHL
The Chiefs boss these guys around...MLB
Rather see this than a Bear(s) market...NBA
Muldoon was a Jurassic Park Ranger, but couldn't stop the...NBA
Check your tuna fishing Nets for these guys...NFL
You could say it's the opposite of the Chargers...MLB
Longtime foes of the Redskins (and Braves!)NFL
Broncos can be encouraged using this piece of footware...NBA
The Rockets will help you get here...NHL
The Pacers wouldn't get very far without this mechanical part...NBA
The 49ers went out looking for these shiny bits...NBA
Like the Cubs, a type of Boy Scout...NFL/MLB
If you can't take the Heat, get out of the...NBA/NHL
Erik the Red was a Viking, a race of ancient...MLB
Eternal combatant of the Angels...NHL
Miles Davis and Coltrane contributed to Jazz and...NHL
Harry Potter and other Wizards need to use this to fix Gil Arenas' career...NBA

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