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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Canada?

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Largest city in Nunavut
The large object in Sudbury, Ontario that represents the local industry
Tallest Mountain
Territory added in 2001
Waterloo-based inventors of BlackBerry
Showcase series based in Sunnyvale Trailer Park
Largest Non-Great Lake
The Canadian pronunciation of 'about'
The first Canadian Prime Minister
National Sport
Canadian D-Day landing site
Most Common Surname
Longest continually serving PM, University in Southern Ontario
Back to back NBA MVP
Canadian singer whith a song featured in Titanic
Number of provinces
Canadian PM who received Nobel Peace Prize in 1957
Former MLB team
The original name of the capital city
Current left fielder for Boston Red Sox
One of the Original Six teams
Canada's first constitution
Only female PM
Former NHL team moved to Denver

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