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What was the African name for the civilization the Greeks called Egypt
T or F: Imhotep is regarded as the first architect of recorded history
What major work is attributed to the first architect of recorded history
What is the location of the first monumental work of architecture built of stone
What is the form considered the first example in architecture of pure geometry
Where was the first attempt to build the first monumental expression of pure form
In what city do we find evidence of the first built in toilet
What temple complex is considered the pinnacle of Egyptian Rock Cut Temples (location)
Which pharoah commissioned the temple complex considered the pinnacle of Egyptian rock cut temples
T or F: The Egyptians advanced the symbolism of their cosmology in the architectural expression of the Pylon Gate
In Egypt, distinct planning and design techniques were employed that used physiology, which element of the body was used as the basic unit of measure
What is the name of the desert plateau the tomb of the pharaoh khufu is located
what is the most prominent architectural complex of ancient Mesopotamia
What is the first great city of Lower Egypt
What was the key to unlocking many of the mysteries of ancient Egypt
The architect Chiram Abiff is associated with what architectural project
The Architect, Senmut, was associated with what complex?
Which Ethiopian City is called the Holy City
Which Ethiopian City is called the City of Castles
T or F: Abu Simbel is an Ethiopian City

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