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The tomb of Abydos anticipates which form?
What artifact denotes the beginning of Dynastic Period in Egypt?
Where is the Pyramid of Teti?
Was Memphis the capital of upper or lower Egypt?
What is the first example of pure geometric architecture?
Where is the Red Pyramid (Northern Pyramid)?
The avenue of the sphinx goes from _____ to ______ (separated by a comma)
How many temples were named at Karnak?
The Pylon at Thebes had niches for what?
Who was the architect for Queen Hatshepsut?
Where was the procession of Amun-Ra?
Is the Luxor Temple axially aligned?
What defines the entrances to the Temple Complex at Karnak?
How many hypostyle halls did the Temple of Horus at Edfu have?
Where may have the acanthus leaves originated?
Ethiopian equivalent to the Egyptian Obelisk
What church in Ethiopia was carved into a cross form from solid stone
What is the city of castles in Ethiopa
Fasil's castle has what type of an African motif
What is the largest of the Rock Cut Churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia?
Who is the god of the Dogon society?
What is an alter to this god called?
Who was the first nation to embrace Christianity as a formal religion?

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