Miscellaneous Quiz / Which similar baby girl name was more popular?(US 2016)

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Can you guess which similar baby girl name was more popular in 2016? (US)

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Similar PairNameRanking
Alexis or Alice?
Allie or Annie?
Arabella or Annabella?
Cadence or Lyric?
Brittany or Bristol?
Lily or Riley?
Juliet or Violet?
Jayla or Jessica?
Josephine or Josie?
Jocelyn or Jordyn?
Princess or Royalty?
Norah or Nova?
Dakota or Georgia?
Rachel or Raelynn?
Juniper or Rosemary?
Evangeline or Everly?
London or Sydney?
Asia or Malaysia?
Elisabeth or Elliot?
Amelie or Armani?
Autumn or Summer?
Crystal or Pearl?
Mae or Marie?
Sarah or Stella?
Lennox or Lexie?
Similar PairNameRanking
Logan or Megan?
Olive or Sage?
Sharon or Sutton?
Devin or Dylan?
Frankie or Stevie?
Layla or Leah?
Caitlin or Claudia?
Remy or Rosie?
Michaela or Miracle?
Serenity or Sophie?
Finley or Fiona?
Lydia or Julia?
Gracelynn or Gwendolyn?
Paisley or Penelope?
Alyssa or Aurora?
Khaleesi or Karlee?
Melanie or Melody?
Maya or Mila?
Genesis or Jennifer?
Peyton or Piper?
Valentina or Valeria?
Ashlynn or Aylin?
Zelda or Zora?
Gabrielle or Giselle?
Ariadne or Aryanna?

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