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AWater from Lake Neuchâtel flows, via Lake Biel/Bienne, into this tributary of the Rhine
BThis city has the nearest international airport to Neuchâtel
CName of the diacritical mark above the letter 'â' in 'Neuchâtel'
DRiver that forms part of the border between Neuchâtel Canton and [the answer to F]
EAnimal featured on Neuchâtel's coat of arms
FNeuchâtel Canton borders this country to the northwest
GAbsinthe, an alcoholic beverage originating in Neuchâtel Canton, is sometimes referred to as 'the ___ fairy'
HFamily name of Polish noblewoman Ewelina H., mistress and later wife of French writer Honoré de Balzac, whom she first met secretly in Neuchâtel in 1832
ISansepolcro, one of three towns that are twinned with Neuchâtel, is in this country
JNeuchâtel lies at the base of this mountain range
KFounded by immigrants from Neuchâtel (among other places), Neuchatel (without the diacritical mark) is an unincorporated community in this US state
LIron Age archaeological culture named after a settlement on the outskirts of Neuchâtel
MNationality of Sergio Peréz, Formula One driver who currently resides in Neuchâtel
NGerman name for Neuchâtel
O'The Musician', one of the famous Jaquet-Droz automata (18th century clockwork robots) of Neuchâtel, plays this musical instrument
PNeuchâtel was part of this country from 1707 to 1848
QNeuchâtel has several of this type of street running alongside its lakefront
RNeuchâtel is in this traditional region of the country
SNeuchâtel is in this country
TNeuchâtel regularly hosts an international synchronised skating competition called the Neuchâtel ___
UGiven name of U. von Fenis, who became the count of Neuchâtel in 1034
VNearest foreign capital city to Neuchâtel
WAlso called horology, Neuchâtel is an important historical centre in the development of this industry
XNeuchâtel's professional association football team
YMain town at the opposite end of Lake Neuchâtel
ZGerman name of the canal known in French as the Thielle, connecting Lake Neuchâtel with Lake Biel/Bienne

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