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AFrom 2006 to 2008, Durban hosted a round of this now defunct motorsport series
BNearest of the country's three capital cities to Durban
CDurban was selected to host this sporting event in 2022, but had to withdraw due to financial constraints
DFamily name of John Langalibalele D., first ANC president, born in Inanda on the outskirts of Durban
EName of Durban in the native language of the area (alternatively iTheku)
FDurban is also the name of a small village in the south of this country
GDurban's waterfront, a popular area with tourists, is known by this name
HClimate of Durban according to the Köppen classification system
IDurban has the world's highest population of people from this country outside of this country
JThe country's most prestigious horse race is held annually in Durban during this month
KDurban's main airport
LNearest foreign country to Durban
MStadium built in Durban for the 2010 FIFA World Cup
NDurban was part of this independent Boer republic from 1839 to 1843
ODurban is twinned with this city in Algeria
PCapital city of the province Durban is in
RThe Cell C Sharks represent Durban in this sport
SDurban is in this country
TMost distant country with direct (but not non-stop) flights to and from Durban
UMajor theme park in Durban, featuring the world's fifth-largest aquarium
VGiven name of V. da Gama, first European explorer to visit the area
W[the answer to U] also features the tallest of these rides in the southern hemisphere
XThird most common language spoken in Durban
YA suburb of Durban, named for the country's national tree, which is common in the area; location of Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve and Coedmore Castle
ZEthnic group native to the Durban area

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