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ANational sport
BNearest non-bordering country
CBordering country to the north
DOfficial language
EGeneration and export of this is a major part of the Bhutanese economy
FEnglish translation of 'dzong', a type of building considered distinctive of Bhutanese architecture
GMountain in Bhutan believed to be the highest unclimbed peak in the world
HBhutan lies within this mountain range
IBordering country to the south
JEvery king since 1926 has had this first name
KFormer princely state to the south, invaded by Bhutan in the 18th century (sometimes spelled Cooch Behar)
LEthnic group of Nepali origin concentrated in the south of the country; frequently discriminated against and largely driven out of the country in recent decades
MThis territory and Bhutan had the two lowest-ranked football teams according to FIFA when they played each other on the same day as the 2002 World Cup final, in a friendly match referred to as 'The Other Final'
NDominant ethnic group, of Tibetan origin
OColour of the lower fly section of Bhutan's flag
PSecond largest city and main financial centre
QTitle currently held by Tshering Yangdon
RThis foreign currency is legal tender in Bhutan, along with the Bhutanese Ngultrum
SEthnic group in the east of the country, thought to be descended from Bhutan's original inhabitants
TCapital and largest city
UFirst king of Bhutan
VBhutan's state religion is this form of Buddhism, also known as Tibetan Buddhism
WRuling dynasty
YColour of the upper hoist section of Bhutan's flag
ZHonorific title of Ngawang Namgyal, the unifier of Bhutan, and his successors

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