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1:If you want something bad, you have to fight for it. Step up your game, [2]. Break out the L-word. 2:Lesbian? 1:The other L word. 2:Lesbians?
1:You always seem to be deep in thought. Tell me, what are you thinking right now? 2:I was thinkin', I'm gonna take me some of these taters home with me.
1:You know, you're just mad because your stupid little pebble theory didn't work out and you don't know how to express your anger. 2:Oh yeah? And you're ugly.
1:Jeez. She fell funny. 2:[1], you really should see somebody.
1:When did you become an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics? 2:Last night.
1:I do wish we could chat longer, but... I'm having an old friend for dinner. Bye. 2:Dr. [1]?... Dr.[1]?... Dr.[1]?... Dr.[1]?
1:Congratulations. 2:For what? 1:Van Doren. 2:I thought we were gonna get television. The truth is... television is gonna get us.
1:Maybe the human race deserves to be wiped out. 2:Wiping out the human race? That's a great idea. That's great. But more of a long-term thing.
1:How do you like the bounty hunting business? 2:Kill white people and get paid for it? What's not to like?
1:Where'd you learn artificial respiration? 2:French class, kid.
1:Holy Moses, it's like I'm traveling with a child! 2:Have you used the restroom? 1:Good point, I need to take a pee-pee.
1:Quick, give me a kiss. *1 kisses 2* 2:They're still looking at us. 1:Yeah, it was worth a shot.
1:Oooh, that's a bingo! Is that the way you say it? 'That's a bingo?' 2:You just say 'bingo'. 1:Bingo! How fun!
1:You kill anybody? 2:A Few cops. 1:No real people? 2:Just cops.
1:So, uh, are you sure you're qualified to be taking care of that baby? 2:What are you talking about? I've found a baby before. 1:You found a baby before? Where? 2:Coffee Bean.
1:What about the past? 2:We never really shared one. 1:You're inhuman. 2:No...I'm in touch with humanity. [1], i'm sorry, i just uh...You're not terribly important to me.
1:Did you see that coming? 2:Yeah... but I was hoping she was expelled, or into hard drugs. 1:That was my first instinct too. Or a DWI... anything but this!
1:Would you rather get one shot in the head or five in the chest and bleed to death? 2:Are those my only two options?

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