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I'm sure other answers could apply for some of them, but there is only one answer that actually has that definition on Urban Dictionary, and therefore there is only one acceptable answer.
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Its like a taco, inside a taco, within a taco bell, thats inside a KFC within a mall that is inside your dream!!!!!
She was the Roman Queen of the Gods! Enough about this bloody movie already!
The greatest film ever made in the history of cinema. Or, at least that's what snooty film critics insist.
Pornography for comic nerds.
The act of seducing an elderly woman and getting on her will before she dies.
To s*** oneself, specifically a disastrous venting of gas that requires an immediate return home.
A sequence of moves executed to dodge something with exagerrated body movements.
When life insurace is pretentiously doubled because of cause of death in specific way. Also known as a great film noir from the 40's.
A huge ship that once floated, but doesn't anymore.
The world's greatest number named after the world's greatest dessert.
The thing I ran over with my karma.
d-de-deffinitely a great movie.
events or things turning out so perfectly, seemingly being staged or directed
A movie about Dennis Hopper wanting to blow up a bus because he had too much amphetamines.
You could go engineer some giant monsters and go live on an island with them. You could - but that does not mean you should...
Seal and Heidi Klum
When a woman wearing a skirt & no underwear briefly opens her legs so that her crotch is visible.
A rat. Slang term for one who snitches to the police, or is an undercover police officer themselves. Origin comes from the great size of rats living in and around reservoirs.
Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunn, but I don't know who is dumber of the two.
Who you're gonna call, should there be something strange in your neighbourhood.
Having sex while wearing a Cobra Kai gi, and at the moment of climax yelling 'SWEEP THE LEG!' and then throwing your partner off the bed.
The world's longest, most expensive air force advertisement.

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