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Can you name the name the movie from the very random characters given?

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Random CharactersMovie
Esmarelda Villalobos, Lance, Marvin
Lou Ferrigno, Robbie Klaven, Hank Markdukas
Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson, Captain Jeffrey Barnes, Dr. Stone
Karen Kinsella, Mark, Archie Graham
Officer Michaels, Becca, Gaby
Jimmy Grants, Dodd, Sammy Jankis
Emma, Elias, Lance Dowds
Doug Billings, Mr. Chow, Black Doug
Tim the Enchanter, Zoot, Old Man from Scene 24
Joey Knish, Abe Petrovsky, Grama
Random CharactersMovie
Eddie 'The King' Faroo, Duck Johnson, Alex Trebek
Kevin Sandusky, Damien Cockburn, Cody
Spottswoode, Hans Blix, Matt Damon
Tank, Apoc, Mouse
Nice Guy Eddie Cabot, Joe Cabot, Officer Marvin Nash
David Simms, Earl, Peter Jacobsen
Todd Hockney, Edie Finneran, Jack Baer
Gregory, Winona Ryder, Midget in a Bikini
Theodore Donald 'Donny' Kerabatsos, Brandt, Little Larry Sellers

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