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Editor of the controversial 'Encyclopedia'
Philosopher who believed that people were basically good
German composer of religous music for choirs and organ
Whig leader often called Britian's first prime minister
Author of the pamphlet encouraging Americans to declare independence from Britian
According to Hobbes and Locke, human nature was governed by -
Life, Liberty, and property are examples of
A(n) _______ believed that natural laws could be used to define economic systems.
Joseph II was a _________ because he used Enlightenment ideas to bring about political and social changes
The powers of a _______ are defined and limited by law
An agreement by which people give up their natural state
A policy that allows businesses to operate without government interference
A government in which the ruling power belongs to a few people
A social gathering in which artists and thinkers exchange ideas
A grand and complex artistic style
Jacobin revolutionary who led the reign of terror
French Journalist who demanded equal rights for women
Leading painter during the French Revolution
French emperor who dominated Europe in the early 1800s
Austrian prince who wanted to restore the status quo of 1792 at the congress of Vienna
The wealthiest members of the Third Estate
A person who fled revolutionary France to live in another country
Radical working-class men and women
A feeling of pride in, and intense devotion to, one's country
A military ractic through which ports are shut off to keep people or supplies from moving in or out
Spending more money than is taken in
Working-class revolutionaries
The right to vote
Ballot in which voters say yes or no to an issue
To give up power
The movement that increased farm production was called ______
New inventions in the textile industry made it necessary to change from the 'putting out system' to producing cloth in _________
The movement that increased farm production was called _______
______ is the idea that the goal of society should be 'the greatest happiness for the greatest number' of its citizens
According to _______, society as a group rather than individuals should own and operate farms and businesses
Inventor of the seed drill
Founder of the Methodist Church
Economist who predicted that the population would outpace the food supply
Thinker who argued that actions are right if they promote happiness and wrong if they cause pain
Philosopher who thought that history was a struggle between classes
Inventor who improved the steam engine
A leader in developing Britian's iron industry
Economist who believed that when wages were high, the poor had more children
Thinker who promoted the idea of 'the greatest happiness for the greatest number'
Mill owner who worked for child labor
A privately built road that charged travelers a fee
The movement of people from the country to cities
An economic system in which society owns large farms and businesses
A form of socialism that focuses on ending class struggle
The working class
System of thought and belief
Uprisings in Paris that protested government attempts to silence critics in 1848
Meeting of delegates from German states to create a constitution
Speech that called the people of Mexico to fight for independence
British engineer who invented a process to produce steel
French doctor who proved the 'germ theory'
American architect who designed skyscrapers
Quaker schoolteacher who developed modern atomic theory
A realist English writer who portrayed the lives of slum dwellers
A way of organizing workers and machines in order to assemble a finished product efficiently
A business owned by stockholders
The right to vote
The idea that the fittest would always beat out their competitors, whether in war or industry
A style of painting that tries to capture the fleeting effects of light on an object
Laissez-faire economist supported by early 1800 liberals
King of France who issued the Charter of French Liberties
Leader of Hungarian Nationalists
Leader of revolution in Haiti
Leader of Native American revolt against Spanish system of forced labor
Otto von Bismarck's political philosophy
A person who wants to abolish all government
Elected local assemblies in Russia
An organized massacre of helpless people
A person who flees his or her homeland for safety in another place
Prussian leader who engineered German unity
German ruler whose foreign policy was aimed at acquiring an overseas empire
Italian nationalist who helped unify Italy
The emperor of Austria and king of Hungary
Russian czar who freed the serfs
Movement that demanded universal male suffrage in Britian
Local self-government in Ireland
An alliance of political parties
Legal seperation of races
Limited involvement in world affairs
Leader of the Conservative party and prime minister in Britian who fought for social reforms
British suffragist leader who supported the use of violence
Leader of the Liberal party and prime minister in Britian who pushed for reforms in Ireland
French army officer unjustly convicted of spying
Former slave who spoke out against slavery
An imperialist system in which local rulers were left to rule
The destruction of an entire religious or ethnic group
A crop grown to sell on the world market
Payment for losses in war
The right of foreigners to live under their own laws and to be tried in their own courts
Ethiopian ruler who successfully resisted the Italians
Egyptian leader who laid the foundation for modern Egypt
Founder of Indian nationalism
Powerful, conservative Chinese ruler
Leader of Chinese Republic
Nation called the Hermit Kingdom, which came under Japanese rule in 1905
European empire in Southeast Asia consisting of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
Pacific island that became a triple protectorate of the United States, Britian, and Germany
Rugged interior of Australia where settlers established sheep ranches and wheat farms
Country that gained independence as a result of the Spanish-American War
American naval officer who opened Japan to trade
Hawaiian queen who was overthrown by American planters
Captain who claimed Australia for Britian
Liberal leader who started La Reforma in Mexico
United States President who closed the Americas to European colonization
The glorification of the military
A final set of demands
To prepare military forces for war
Ideas that are spread in order to promote a cause or to damage an opposing
Payments for war damage
______ was one of the forces that led to the outbreak of war in Europe.
For much of the war the United States followed a policy of ________.
In waging a _____, a nation channels all of its resources into the war effort.
Stories of _____ are often used in propaganda.
After the war, Ottoman lands were divided into _______
Peace activist who wrote a bestselling antiwar novel
Heir to the Austrian throne
German leader who supported Austria's war with Serbia
Author of the Fourteen Points
French representative to the Paris Peace Conference who demanded that Germany be punished
According to Montesquieu, what was the purpose of the seperation of powers?
What helped Britian become a world power in 1700's?
Who influenced the statement 'No taxation without representation'?
What groups made up the Tory party in Britian?
The Declaration of the Independence reflects the ideas of what great Enlightment thinker?
The bourgeoisie belonged to which estate?
What did Robespierre try to do try to do in the Reign of Terror?
What was the chief goal of the Congress of Vienna?
Why did the Congress of Vienna redraw the boundaries of some European countries?
How did the Napoleonic Code reflect Enlightment principles?
What became an important to the Industrial Revolution?
Why was coal important to the Industrial Revolution?
Who would most likely support the idea that society should be based on cooperation instead of competition?
What was the work like in factories and mines during the early Industrial Revolution?
What group benefited most from the Industrial Revolution?
What group dominated Latin American social and political life in the early 1800's?
What groups supported nationalist goals?
In the early 1800s. Serbs gained autonomy with _______
What country gained independence as a result of revolutions in 1830?
What was the only non-slave nation in the Western Hemisphere and won independence from France?
By 1900 what two countries was the world's leading industrial nations?
Why does Darwin's theory of evolution cause controversy?
What is the romantic style of painting?
What scientist's work contributed directly to increased life expectancy in the late 1800's?
What was the result of the Franco-Prussian War?
What made Italy hard to unite into a single country?
Why did the Revolution of 1905 break out in Russia?
During the 1800s what did Liberal and Conservative parties in Britain work to do?
Social reforms passed in Britain in the late 1800s helped what group the most?
What group would have supported the Corn Laws the most?
What was the effect of the Dreyfus Affair?
How did the Industrial Revolution encourage imperialism?
What country gained control of much of the southern tip of Africa during the 1800s?
Why did both Britian and Russia want to control Iran?
What was the result of the Sepoy rebellion?
Why was Ethiopia able to resist the Europeans?
Why is Muhammad Ali considered the 'father of modern Egypt'?
What caused the Sepoy Rebellion?
What caused the Taiping Rebellion?
How did Siam remain independent?
Why did Germany join the Triple Alliance?
Who ruled Bosnia on the eve of World War 1?
Why was World War 1 more destructive than earlier wars?

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