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Can you name the important terms of WWI??

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Vocab: When one country glorifies its military
Vocab: An extreme pride in one's country
Mr. Shafer compared fighting over a jelly doughnut to what?
The name of the group of powers that included Germany and Austria-Hungary
Another name for the three-way agreement between the Allied Powers
The barrel in Mr. Shaffer's 'Causes of WWI' lecture is called what?
An underlying cause that involved European countries trying to expand their land and access to resources:
Whose assasination was the 'spark' that began WWI? (Just last and first name)
Who assasinated the Archduke?
What is the name of the group assasinated the Archduke
This group wanted freedom for which nation?
Russia pledged to fight for freedom for which group of people, as it is the largest nation of the group?
What country was the Archduke from?
What is the name of the plan developed to avoid a two-front war?
Which country developed this plan?
Which country did this plan say should be attacked first?
What country would the march through to get to the country in #13?
Which country's military was slow and would be dealt with second?
What is it called when a country stays out of a war?
The British tried stopping Germany from getting resources using what to stop their shipment?
What is a daily amount of food or product called during a war?
A mandatory enlistment in the military imposed during a time of war.
What is it called when the press and arts are changed to only fit what the government sees fit?
The new type of warfare in WWI:
What military invention was most responsible for #25?
Also a chess term, what is it called when two armies cannot move each other?
The name of a famous book and movie about the horrors of WWI:
A term to describe a terrible, horrible event in times of war:
The country where the majority of the fighting on the western front was held:
What is the name of a Russian King?
Which political group overthrew the Russian King?
The new leaders of Russia immediately signed what treaty with the Germans?
What is the name for a German submarine?
What is the famous ship that German U-Boats sank?
What was intercepted that showed Germany was plotting against the US?
Who was Germany asking to fight the US?
What did the Germans ask to sign to end the war?
Where was the peace conference held?
Who was the President of the US at the Conference? (Last name)
Who was France's President at the Conference (Last name)
Who was Great Britain's Prime Minister at the Conference?
What was the name of the US President's plan for peace?
The Treaty of ___________ ended WWI.
What is the name of the payments that Germany had to pay the Allies
Germans were forced to take the ___________ for the war.
Which article forced Germany to do this?
Which international organization was proposed following WWI?
Which country wouldn't join this organization?

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