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Plumber saves a princess
Con artist helps fbi
Giant robots fight sea monsters
Bartender discovers relatives were assassins
Kid saves town from being crushed by a moon
Electricity suddenly stops working
Billionaire becomes vigilante
Drug addict doctor breaks the rules
Chemistry teacher becomes a druglord
College students beat the house in blackjack
Four families fight for control of the throne
Agent stops terrorists in a day
Lone Horseman triggers acopalypse
Bounty hunter eliminates aliens weak to ice
Team solves crimes involving the navy
Rebels destroy moon sized space craft
Pirate captain obessed with finding a treasure vessel
Sheriff in coma wakes to zombie infestation
Man falls in love with his computer
Magicians rob a bank
Undead warrior rings two bells
Criminal shares list of dangerous enemies with fbi
Bounty hunter finds a village of real life fairy tale characters
Young kids fight with captured monsters
Kidnapper uses duress to enact revenge
Astronaut escapes Kessler Syndrome
Witches bind their power together with ancient ritual
Detective sees true form of monsters that live as humans
Warrior vows vengence on a valkyrie who reaped his fathers soul
Insurance investigator becomes leader of small criminal team
Dead residents of small rural town come back to life
Mercenary with false memories fights against clone of alien
Brain surgeon becomes evil at night

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