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This astronomy and physicist discovered that all pendulums have the same period even with different masses
This geologist first proposed the Ice Age and his work led to glaciology
This monk started the field of genetics
This physicist discovered the nucleus of an atom
This geologist first proposed continental drift
This biologist discovered pencillin
Russian Chemist who related chemical properties to atomic number
This physicist created the field of projectile motion
This petrologist discovered why certain minerals are always found near eachother
The gian of electrons or decrease of oxidation state
A chemical reaction that releases free energy and moves to a more stable state
Subatomic particle reponsible for chemical reactions
This gas glows bright orange when introduced to electric charge
The process of using DC current for seperation water into hydrogen and oxygen
Metals such as potassium and lithium that are highly reactive are called
This lowers the activation energy and increases a reaction rate without being consumed
Plants creating glucose from carbon dioxide and sunlight is called
Theend result of cellular respiration, it provided energy for a cell
Type of disease where an organisms own cells or tissues trigger an immune response
Term for when a cell signals other cells to attack itself to prevent damanged DNA to spread
Term for an igneous rock that contains iron and magnesium
Most abundant element in the Earth's core
Most abundant mineral in the Earth
Type of erosion where water is able to dislodge particle of rock
a piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces
A naturally magnetic chunk of the mineral magnetite
the smallest possible amount of light is called a
the term for a metal emmiting electrons when hit by radiation
The deflection of moving objects on a rotating frame of reference
The speed of an object in free fall at which gravitational force equals the sum of drag forces
The pruduct of an objects mass and velocity
The most effiecient thermodynamic heat cycle
The study of derivitive and integral functions
a scalar function of two vectors, equal to the product of their magnitudes and the cosine of the angle between them.
The plane that included all imaginary numbers and real numbers
A differentialable function that is the sum of a single variable with a positive exponent and constants

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