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Can you name the events that have occured/occur on April 20th?

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1657This group was given 'freedom of religion' in New Amsterdam (New York City)
1861This Civil War General resigns his commission in the US Army
1862Claude Bernard and this famous scientist complete the first pasteurization tests
1889One of the most hated rulers in history is born
1912Two historic MLB Stadiums share their opening days (Name one)
1926Western Electric and Warner Bros. announce Vitaphone, a process that adds this to films
1939This singer records the first Civil Rights song, 'Strange Fruit'
1961This US invasion against Cuba fails (Think 'swine')
1972John Young lands this shuttle on the moon
1978Korean Air Flight 908 is shot down by whom
1986This basketball legend scores a playoff record 63 points against the Boston Celtics
1999An infamous shooting occurs at this high school
2008This driver becomes the first female in history to win an Indy Car Race and possibly rids the 'Women are bad drivers' stereotype
N/AThis drug is smoked/consumed/ingested/celebrated all over the world on this day

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