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Superior portion of jaw
Forehead bone
Where skull rests on the atlas
Bump on intermediate to the eye sockets
Cheek bone
Separates occipital and temporal bones
Space for tear ducts
Inferior jaw bone
Foramen where spinal cord runs through
Foramen on mandible
Make up floor of orbit
Oval shaped foramen superior to foramen spinosum
Superior/superficial portion of sphenoid bone
canal where carotid run through
Make up medial wall of orbit
Bone located on posterior surface of skull
Tiny foramen intermediate to foramen ovale and foramen lacerum
Roof of mouth
Bump on back of head
Jaw attachment inferior to the zygmatic bone
Separates occipital and parietal bones
Fossa located in posterior cranium
Foramen where jugulars are located
Part of temporal bone that extends to zygomatic
Superior nose bone
Make up lateral wall of orbit
Posterior to lacrimal bone
Separates parietal and temporal bones
Ear hole
Inferior nose bone
Small process inferior to the ear
Intermediate to the occipital and frontal bones
Deep/inferior portion of sphenoid bone
Place where condylar process rests
Suture dividing maxilla
Separates frontal and parietal
Bones located superior to the ears
Jaw attachment in anterior to the ear
Foramen where tear ducts run
Foramen inferior to the eye sockets
Fossa located in the middle portion of cranium
Make up roof of orbit
Intermediate to the nasal and maxilla bones
Fossa located in the anterior cranium
Place where teeth rest
Intermediate to zygomatic and temporal bones
Large bump posterior to the ear
Body of the sphenoid bone
Bone near tear ducts

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