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It's a strange day/The roses are in bloom/But in a strange way/I know somehow we're doomedCrosses (+++)
Have you got colour in your cheeks?/Do you ever get that fear that you can't shift/The type that sticks around like something in your teeth?/Are there some aces up your sleeve?Arctic Monkeys
Never thought that I would grow so old of seeing the gold/Still I never want it to go/I would hold it up to my cold heart/Feel the way it used to start upHAIM
We were young and drinking in the park/There was nowhere else to go/And you said you always had my back/Oh but how were we to knowBastille
Hey I hear the voice/Of the preacher from the back room/Calling my name and/I follow just to find youBleachers
Ooh, crazy's what they think about me/Ain't gonna stop cause they tell me so/Cause 99 miles per hour baby,/Is how fast that I like to go.Fitz & The Tantrums
Two Words!/Rock, chalk, shot a jayhawk/Never been to jail 'cus I never get caught/I got smartsBear Hands
Time shakes, found you at the water/At first you were my father, now I love you like a brother/Earthquakes shake the dust behind you/This world at times will blind youCage The Elephant
All the kids are throwing sticks:/Politics/Nights on the wire!/Everybody wants to get byYoung The Giant
Gave you a minute/When you needed an hour/Just to push it aside/Instead of leaving it behind youBroods
You won't get much closer/Until you sacrifice it all (all)/You won't get to taste it/With your face against the wall (wall, wall)Muse
I think I found hell/I think I found something./I think I found something in my TV screen./I think I found out that I have nothing,The Neighbourhood
Well, I see you standing there like a rabid dog/And you got those crying eyes/It makes me wanna surrender and wrap you in my arms/You know I try to live without regretsFoster The People
Bite chunks out of me/You're a shark and I'm swimming/My heart still thumps as I bleed/And all your friends come sniffingAlt-J (∆)
Girl, take a seat/Rest your weary bones/Your secret's safe/In my handsBroken Bells
Hi!/It was the best of times/It was the worst of times/I had to kill the new sheriff in townSleigh Bells
Once in a lifetime, the suffering of fools/To find our way home, to break in these bones/Once in a lifetime (Once in a lifetime)/Once in a lifetimeThe Killers
As she disappeared alone in the darkness,/I felt her spirit stay in the room./And I wished that our lives were just endless/Cause it's all too short, and I'm leaving soon.The Airborne Toxic Event

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