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Genre/DescriptionSong TitleArtist
R&B: Two singers talk about the struggle they have to make the other see that a certain guy belongs to them.
One Hit Wonder: Singer talks about her difficult personality being that she's several different things,but she knows you wouldn't want her any other way.
Country: After her brother is hung for a crime he didn't commit. We listen to a woman confess to killing his friend and his ex-wife.
Rap: Artist warns other men about this type of girl taking you for everything. Don't forget the prenup!
Indie: Band performs in a taxidermist shop. Singer talks about how sometimes someone/something might not be good for you but you still like them or it.
Progressive: Band members all take rides in shopping carts throughout the whole video of colorfully lit aisles. They pass by people who are also looking for something real.
Alternative: Singer is driving through traffic telling of everybody's' sorrows. Throughout the video we also see what people are thinking.
Metal Little boy is having nightmares about the man who will make him sleep. Off to Never Never-Land!.
Pop: Band refusing to be treated as puppets cut their strings loose to get away.
Rock: Band transports us back to the 50's to enjoy those *Happy Days*
Electronic: Boy Christopher Walken sure has some fancy moves.
Brit Pop: 80's dance party. Singer tells how he met a woman from Greece who expressed wanting to do everything common. .

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