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QUIZ: Can you name the Degrassi ?

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Can you name the Degrassi Character??
Muslim, parents are from Somalia
Shot in spine by Rick
Stopped Rick from shooting Emma
Helped Manny break Paige's leg
Infected Emma with the STD gohnorrhea
Liberty went into labor in his car
Played keyboard in Downtown Sasquatch
Lives with Joey and step-sister Angela
Works at The Dot
Marco's ex-boyfriend
Her and Manny DO NOT get along
Can you name the Degrassi Character??
School shooter
Mother burned down house when drunk
Heartbroken over the fact that Snake cheated on Spike with Ms. Hatzilakos
Jay's ex-girlfriend
Spent a summer in Africa working on the AIDS epidemic
Dated Craig, he dumped her because she was immature
Videotaped Manny taking her top off for him
Liberty's little brother
Gave baby up for adoption
Was stabbed by someone at Lakehurst

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