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Can you fill in the quotes from the White Devil Act 4?

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Monticelso: Your sisters ...
Francisco: Free me, my innocence, from treacherous ...!
Francisco: Thought as a subtle juggler makes us deem things supernatural, which have cause common as ...
Flamineo: Uds ...!
Flamineo: The gods never wax old, no more do princes, a pox on it tear it; lets have no more atheists for ... sake!
Brachiano: Uds ...!
Brachiano: I'll cut her into ...
Flamineo: As in this world there are degrees of evils, so in this world there are degrees of ...
Brachiano: I'll give you bells and let you fly to the ...
Brachiano: Oh ten thousand curses on it! How long have I beheld the devil in ...!
Brachiano: Woman to man is either god or ..
Brachiano: That hand, that cursed hand, which I have wearied with doting ...!
Vittoria: Whose death God revenge onthee, most godless ...!
Vittoria: Go, go, brag how many ladies you have ... like me
Vittoria: I do wish that I could make you full executor to all my ...
Vittoria: Oh that I could toss myself into a grave as ...!
Flamineo: Pander! Am I the author of your ...?
Vittoria: O thou fool, whose greatness hath by much overgrown thy ...!
Flamineo: What a damned imposthume is a womans ...!
Flamineo: Women are caught as you take tortoises, she must be turned on her ...
Flamineo: Best natures do commit the grossest ...
Flamineo: Oh, we curl-haired men are still most kind to ...!
Flamineo: Knaves do grow great by being great men's ...
Francisco: Let the Matrona of the Convertites be ...
Francisco: The hand must act to drown the passionate ...
Lodovico: Holy father, I come not to you as an intelligencer but as a penitent ...

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