English: King Lear Quotes: Act 1

Can you complete these King Lear Quotes from Act 1?

Kent: I thought the king had more ... the Duke of Albany than Cornwall.
Gloucester: I have so often blushed to ... him, that now I am brazed to it.
Lear: while we ... crawl toward death
Lear: Which of you shall we say doth ... us most.
Goneril: I love you more than ... can wield the matter.
Regan: Only she comes too short, that I profess myself an ... to all other joys.
Cordelia: My love's more ...than my tongue.
Lear: Nothing will come of nothing, ... ...
Cordelia: Why have my sisters ..., if they say they love you all?
Lear: Come not between the ... and his wrath!
Lear: The bow is bent and ...,make from the shaft.
Kent: Be Kent ... when Lear is mad!
Kent: Now by Apoolo, King thou ... thy gods in vain.
Kent: I can vent clamour from my throat, I'll tell thee thou dost ...
Lear: But now her ... is fallen.
Lear: Better thou hadst not been ... than not t'have pleased me better.
France: She is herself a ...
France: Bid them farewell, Cordelia, though unkind; thou losest here a better where to ...
Goneril: But there-withal the unruly waywardness that infirm and ... years bring with them.
Edmund: Edmund the base shall to th'...
Gloucester: Come, if it be nothing, I shall not need ...
Edmund's Letter: If our father would sleep till I waked him, you should enjoy half his ...
Edmund: It is his hand, my lord, but I hope is ... is not in the contents.
Gloucester: He ... be a monster!
Gloucester: And the bond cracked ... son and father.
Edmund: An admirable evasion of a whoremaster man, to lay his goatish disposition on the charge of a ...!
Edmund: Brother, I advise you to the best, go ...
Goneril: When he returns from hunting, I will not speak with him. Say I am ...
Goneril: Idle old ...
Kent: So may it come, they master, whom thou lov'st, shall find thee full of ...
Kent: A very honest-hearted fellow, and as ... as the king.
Lear: 'My lady's father?' My lord's knave, you whoreson dog, you slave, you ...!
Fool: Thou canst not smile as the wind sits, thou'lt catch ... shortly.
Fool: Truths a dog that must to ...
Fool: Can you make no use of ..., nuncle?
Fool: The swee and bitter Fool will presently appear, the one in ... here, the other found out there.
Fool: All other ... thou hast given away, that thou wast born with.
Fool: That such a king should play bo-peep, and go the Fool ...
Fool: I had rather be any kind o'thing than a Fool, and yet I would not be ..., nuncle.
Fool: I am a fool, thou art ...
Fool: The hedge-sparrow fed the cuckoo so long, that it's had it head bit off by it's ...
Lear: Are you our ...?
Lear: Who is it here that can ... me who I am?
Fool: Lear's ...
Fool: Which they will make an ... father.
Goneril: That this our court, infected with their manners, shows like a ... inn.
Lear: My train are men of ... and rarest parts.
Lear: Beat at this gate that let thy ... in and thy dear judgement out.
Lear: That she may feel how sharper than a ... tooth it is to have a thankless child!
Lear: That these hot ... which break from me perforce should make thee worth them.
Goneril: Tis politic and safe to let him keep at point a ... ...?
Fool: If a man's brains were in his heels, were't not in danger of ...?
Fool: Thou shouldst not have been old til thou hadst been ...
Lear: O keep me in ...; I would not be mad!
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