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Can you name the As Level History B: Elusive Conservative Power 1846-68?

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Which Grant did Peel authorise in 1845 which shocked many Conservatives?
By how many times did Peel increase the Grant size?
Which laws did Peel repeal in 1846?
What Majority did Peel get in the laws?
Which act failed and resulted in Peels resignation?
Who was Peels Foreign Secretary?
Who was Peels Home Secretary?
Who was Peels Chancellor of the Exchequer?
Who was Peels President of the Board of Trade?
Who succeeded this position?
Who is said to have been Disraeli's mentor?
Backbenchers were generally suspicious of Disraeli for his ... origins.
Who did Disraeli specifically attack in 1846 that caused even more suspicion and fear?
In which year did he become undisputed leader of the Commons?
In which year did he become chancellor of the exchequer in the Who Who ministry?
Which Chief Whip once said 'I trust him no more than I would trust a convicted felon'.
Which bill did Bentinck resign over in 1847?
As a result of his resignation who took up the post but then promptly resigned after?
What was the name for the leadership of the commons shared between 3 men?
Apart from Disraeli and Granby, who else was in this partnership?
Who was Disraeli willing to give the leadership of the Commons to after he was sacked by Russel in 1851?
Up to which year were the Tories officially protectionist in their manifesto?
What were the years of 1850-1870 seen as in agriculture?
Who joined with Protectionist Tories in 1852 to bring down Russell's ministry?
Who then famously made the Who Who ministry, famously coined by the Duke of Wellington?
Even though the term hadn't been officially been used, what was protection in term of the Conservatives aims?
What did Derby tell Disraeli when he was made Chancellor? 'They give you the...'
Although Disraeli didn't reimpose the Corn Laws, which specific tax did he reduce instead of relinquish??
Who slaughtered the Bill in the commons?
The Whig Peelite coalition of 1852-55 saw who as Prime minister?
The Whig Peelite coalition of 1852-55 saw who as Chancellor?
The Whig Peelite coalition of 1852-55 saw who as Home Secretary?
The Whig Peelite coalition of 1852-55 saw who as Foreign Secretary?
What Happened in 1854?
This sparked as a result of Aberdeen speaking with which Tsar?
Who declined to form a Ministry after the Whig Peelite Coalition collapsed?
With what incident did Palmerston supposedly overstep the mark which united Gladstone and Disraeli?
His Prime Ministerial Ecclesiastical Appointments often chose... clergymen.
Which affair is generally seen to be Palmerston's only weakness in giving in to foreign interference?
How many months did the resulting Conservative government last after Palmerston's bill was defeated?
Remarkably, who did Disraeli invite to join the Conservatives?
What bill did Disraeli introduce in 1859?
What was this bill called?
What caused the Liberals to be effectively unified in 1859?
Palmerston was generally seen as 'untouchable' many Tories stating they would have given him 'Independent...
Who did Palmerston appoint in 1859 to disarm radicals?
Who was appointed Chancellor in Palmerston's ministry from 1859?
Who was Chancellor of the Exchequer in Derby's ministry of 1866?
Who passed the 1867 Reform Act?
Who did Derby write to, to ensure Disraeli as Prime Minister?

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