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In 1857 which uprising caused controversy in India?
Name the conference in which European powers met in 1884/5 to discuss dividing up Africa?
What was the importance of trade with China?
State the phrase used by Disraeli to describe the the Bulgarian Atrocities?
Gladstones speaches were presumed so great that some members could not ... him?
Which country suffered a nationalist crisis in 1885?
In which year did the crimean war start?
In which year did Salsibury sign a secret act with Italy and Austria to defend the Mediterranean region?
Name the confederate ship that caused controversy and resulted in Gladstone paying arbitrations.
Name the Lord who marched troops into Kabul after his complaints were ignored by the Viceroy of India?
Which Zulu Chief was sent an ultimatum in 1878 to disband his army? Cetawayo
Name the austrian general that was assaulted when he came to the UK
The name of the Don that Palmerston helped despite great criticism in 1850
In which year did Germany unify after the Franco-Prussian war?
Name the Governor-General of South Africa in 1877
Other than Manchester, where was another of Disraeli's famous speeches held?
In which year were strategic Chinese forts attacked?
Which country was formally acquired by the UK in 1886?
In what year did Canada become self governing?
State the term for the growing public interest in british foreign policy?
How many British troops were killed in Isandhlwana?
Which radical resigned over Gladstone bombing of Alexandria in 1882?
Name the Governor-General who calmed the situation in India.
Which horrors occured in 1876?
How many copies did Gladstone's pamphlet, (published in 1876) 'The Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East' sell?
What term did Gladstone bestow on Disraeli's foreign policy?
Which other radical than Bright argued to keep out of foreign affairs?
In which year did the crimean war end?
After breaking away from SA in the Transvaal in 1881, which Africaan tribe beat the British at Majuba Hill?
Name the regions of Denmark that Palmerston claimed he would defend, Schleswig and...
In 1875 what did Disraeli purchase with the help of the Jewish-American Rothschild?
How many copies did Gladstone's second pamphlet ' Lessons in Massacre' sell?
Which european country had better relations with the UK, France or Germany?
Which word did the convention in London in 1884 fail to modify?
What were the collection of states including Canada, Australia, South Africa moving towards independence called?
Which Jubillee did the Queen celebrate in 1886?
Which incident occured in 1856 as a result of the Chinese stopping a boat flying the British flag?
Which state did the UK obtain as part of the congress in 1878?
Which sea was required to be neutralised as a result of the Paris Peace Treaty?
When was the treaty of San Stefano signed?
With which Tsar did Aberdeen give the wrong impression to?
In which year did Gladstone & Granville offer the Russians Penjdeh at the expense of saving the Zufilkar pass?
In which set of campaigns did Gladstone successfully tour in late 1879?
Name the General who died in Sudan whilst evacuating British Forces?
Who rose to premiership in 1852?
Which area of France did Gladstone unsuccesfully try to defend against Prussian annexation?
What Year was the Congress of Vienna?
Apart from Aberdeen, who else supported the Concert of Europe?
In which year did Belgium gain independence from the Netherlands?
Which country underwent a civil war in 1879
Name the hungarian nationalist who was invited to stay at Palmerstons house.
Which irregular troops did the Turks use in the Bulgarian horrors?
In which year was the Suez Canal completed?
Name the treaty that Palmerston used to end the war
In 1871 which state was annexed?
Name the congress that Bismark organised in 1878
Which country invaded Turkey in 1877
Who replaced Derby as foreign secretary upon his resignation due to Disraeli moving a fleet into the mediterranean?
Name the Colonial Secretary who gave backing to Frere
Which important figure was foreign secretary from 1846-51?

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