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Forced Order
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Disraeli Dies
Disraeli Second Ministry
Great Exhibition
Third Reform Act
Earl of Derby Third Ministry
Hawarden Kite
Gladstone Second Ministry
Religious Equality and University Tests Act
Indian 'Seepoy' Uprising
Viscount Palmerston Second Ministry
Treaty of Paris
Bombing of Alexandria
Boer War
German Unification
Corrupt Practices Act
First Home Rule Bill
Gladstone Midlothian Campaigns
Garibaldi Visit
Public Health Act
Willis Room Meeting
Congress of Berlin
Disraelis First Ministry
Congress of Berlin
Salisbury Hatfield House Speech
Salisbury Second Ministry
Coercion and Reform; Second Irish Land Act
Balfour Irish Secretary
O'Shea Case
Irish Land League Formation
Chinese Forts Attacked
Second Reform Act - 16% Male Population Votes
Second Factory Act
Gladstones First Ministry
Judicature Act
Home Government Association forms
Plan of Campaign
Bulgarian Atrocities
Queen Victoria Empress of India
Italian Crisis
Peel Dies
Licensing Act
Robert Peel Second Ministry
Afghanistan Civil War
Civil Service Act
Compensation for Disturbance Bill
Phoenix Park Murders
Parnell leads Home Rule Party
First Irish Land Act
Sudan Nationalist Revolt
Schleswig and Holstein
Earl Russell First Ministry
Gladstone Fourth Ministry
Chamberlain becomes President of Board of Trade
Second Home Rule Bill
Don Pacifico Incident
Salisbury Secret Meditteranean Pact w/ Austria and Italy
Corn Law Repeal
Gladstone Third Ministry
Parnell Arrested
Conspiracy and Protection of Property Act
Brights Resignation from Cabinet
Artisans Dwelling Act
Disestablishment of Anglican Church in Ireland
Russo-Turkish War
Suez Canal Purchase
Eastern Crisis Begins
Canada becomes self governing
Gladstone visits Ireland for first time
Sale of Food and Drugs Act
Gladstone Eucation Act
Viscount Palmerston First Ministry
Irish Universities Bill
National Liberal Federation
First Factory Act
Earl of Aberdeen First Ministry - Whig/Peelite Coalition
Orange Free State Annexed
Congress of Vienna
Haynau and Kossuth
Disraeli Manchester and Crystal Palace Speeches
Friendly Societies Act
Conference of Berlin
First Reform Act - 7% Male Population Vote
Formation of Unionists
Disraeli Education Act
Irish Potato Famine
Arrow Inicident
Bentinck Dies
Crimean War
Earl Russell Second Ministry
McCafferty Fenian Uprising
Trade Union Act
Treaty of San Stephano
Redistribution Act
Merchant Shipping Act
Irish Home Rule Party replaces HGA
Salisbury First Ministry
Earl of Derby First Ministry 'Who? Who?'
Afghanistan, Russia and the Zufillkar Pass
Zulu War
Earl of Derby Second Ministry
Disraeli Lord Beaconsfield
Employees and Workmen Act
Mary Anne (Disraeli's Wife) Dies
Alabama Incident
Hicks Beach resigns as Irish Secretary
Corn Law Split
Pope Leo Denounces Plan of Action

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