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Forced Order
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When did Gladstone first hold office?
Crucially which turning year did the Liberals seem 'exhausted' in Gladstones ministry as Disraeli put it?
How many percent of Ireland was of Religious belief?
What type of householders were allowed the vote in 1879 in Municipal elections?
What did Gladstone abolish in 1868?
Name the Act: 1870 - Aimed to remove privelage of Anglican church in Ireland.
Although disestablished the church was partially...
What were the Conservatives regarded as with the Anglican church?
What did Disraeli say this allowed?
Name the Act: 1870 - Limited Landlord power and gave compensation to tenants for eviction.
What was the word 'excessive' changed to?
In which area in Ireland was it customary for Landlords to pay for improvements?
Tenants could now go to which institution to complain?
Name the Act: 1870 - Which act aimed to help 5-13 year olds attend Primary School?
Whose job was it to guide it through commons?
What percentage of elementary schools did the Church previously control?
What would be established if a Church could not set up a school?
Before the act what percentage of 10-12 year old's could read?
What percentage of children were literate by 1891?
Name the Act: 1870 - Aimed to make government positions more equal in its positions.
Which part of Government was exempt from this?
What was required to get the Act to pass?
Name the Act: 1869-71 - What were passed in this period to sort out the armed forces?
Who pioneered these reforms?
What specific action of the upper class did Gladstone relinquish?
Which Act specifically dealed with this in 1871?
What was banned in peace time?
What were rearranged on a territorial basis?
What type of rifles were the Army re-armed with?
What was the 12 year minimum service time reduced to?
Name the Act: 1871 - Which act realised Unions as a legal organisation?
What was the case which identified Unions as illegal in 1866 after a Treasurer of a Union ran off with £24?
What else did the Act Allow?
Name the Act: 1871 - Aimed to make universities more egalitarian in fellowships and graduate places.
Which specific Oxford college did have an immediate effect?
The case of which Jew Mathematician caused outrage before the bill?
Gladstone was religiously a devout...
Did the atmosphere change immediately at the colleges?
Name the Act: 1872 - Made voting more secretive and reduced influence of corruption.
What Act was needed in 1883 to reinforce this?
Name the Act: 1872 - Restricted drinking hours.
Which temperance movement spearheaded a campaign to restrict drinking times?
Was this seen as Liberal or Illiberal?
Name the Bill: 1873 - Aimed to setup a new university for Roman Catholics.
Which successful was there already in Ireland although it was mainly protestant?
Name the Act: 1873 - Aimed to simplify the law system.
Which famous writer raised the issue earlier?
Who did Gladstone appoint as Lord Chancellor in 1872?
Common Law and ... were fused.

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