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Which political faction was Gladstone initially part of?
What was his first borough?
Who was his patron?
What was Gladstone's famous Act in Peel's second ministry?
Which grant did he support in 1845?
Which religious bill did he also support in 1847?
Which kingdom did Gladstone visit in 1851 which shocked him at the lack of free specch?
Who did Gladstone persuade to go to Paris to negotiate the Free Trade Treaty with France?
Did Gladstone like Palmerston?
Which specific event made him join Disraeli in his views on him?
What surprisingly did Gladstone defend in 1860?
What famous speech did Gladstone give in 1854?
What did the public call Gladstone?
Who did Gladstone appoint as Chancellor in his ministry to further laissez faire?
Name One of the four types of Liberalism that Gladstone believed in.
What act of 1872 was seen as illiberal?
What was the rallying cry for the Liberals after the 1867 Reform act loss?

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