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When was the First Reform Act passed?
What was the amount needed to become enfranchised as a borough householder?
Which movement collapsed in 1848 making it safe to further enfranchise citizens?
Parliamentary reform was also seen as avoiding...
Which Union formed in 1851 that highlighted the increasingly literate and influential working class?
However even Radicals like John Bright realised that not all deserved the vote and there was a '...' of the population that were undserving.
Which bill was introduced by Disraeli in 1859?
Where did he want to extend the £10 Borough limit to?
What part of boroughs did he also want to extend?
What was the amount needed for he new 'Lodger' vote?
How much was needed in savings to also be allowed to vote?
How much was needed in annual income from government funds to vote?
How much was needed in annual government pensions to vote?
What else would change? A ... of seats.
The attempted vote for savings was given due to an increase in working class Victorian...
Which Duty was abolished in 1855 which furthered the 'Penny Press?
Which Duty was abolished in 1861 which furthered the 'Penny Press?
Which workers was Gladstone especially impressed with between 1861-65?
In May 1864 Gladstone famously said all working men had the '.. right' to vote.
When did Palmerston die?
Who visited in 1864?
Which league emerged as a result of his visit?
Which major finance company collapsed in 1886 and caused Unions to more fervently support thr Reform League?
What outbreak also caused further support?
In the 1866 Reform bill, what was the £10 borough franchise limit lowered to?
Very slight ... compared to Disraeli's previous Bill.
An extension in the counties to those paying an overall rent of ... or more.
Robert Lowe especially spoke out against the Bill saying it would bring...
Which backbench group now emerged?
Where was a protest rally held in 1866 after the Liberal bill failed?
Disraeli specifically added to his Bill the idea of ... householders.
He also added the idea of a ... year residence qualification.
As Disraeli's bill was being discussed when was the next Hyde Park rally held?
In the amendments to the bill what was the 2 year residence qualification reduced to?
The Fancy Franchises were...
A ... lodger franchise.
Who did Disraeli specifically refuse to accept amendments from?
Who did Disraeli take pleasure in seeing as he argued with Gladstone over how Radical the amendments were?
What was a key issue still which the Reform act didn't completely deal with?
When was the Secret Ballot act introduced?
Surprisingly, bribery and treating was more common in small ... boroughs.
In the 1880 election it was discovered that in Gloucerster over ... of the 5,000 votes were bribed.
What Act was introduced in 1883?
Who made a series of speeches for the Liberals in the 1868 campaign?
Who was credited in organising the Conservatives in 1874?
The National Union of Conservative Associations was set up in which year?
What did the Liberals set up in 1877 to combat this?
Who founded it?
Where did many Conservative supporters convene?

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