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In which year did Peel resign?
Which Earl of the Conservatives headed the split against Peel?
What term is used particularly for backbench conservatives who opposed change?
In which year did Russell call an election to confirm his power?
Which Whig Lord arose to premiership in 1846
How many Whigs won seats from the 1847 election?
How many conservatives won seats from the 1847 election?
How many peelites won seats from the 1847 election?
Which act of 1835 organised better local governments for many urban areas?
Which Board might middle classes seek as a result of the 1834 Poor Law Act?
Which act in 1833 limited working hours for women and children?
Rather than nonconformist toleration, Whigs wanted absolute ... for nonconformists.
Radicals were often seen as wanting a re-distribution of seats, a secret ballot and ...
What was the school which many radicals including Cobden and Bright attended?
Which act of 1848 removed the trading privelages of British Sugar planters in the West Indies?
The repeal of these laws in 1849 meant that overseas traders were not bound to the British Merchant Navy.
Which event took place in 1851 which showcased British manufacture to a world market?
Which C of the E removed 123 duties on articles and reduced 133 in his 1853 budget?
What tax did Gladstone claim he could abolish if free trade were introduced?
In which year was the final major Chartist movement on Kennington Common?
What new household franchise did Russell propose in 1851?
Which census of 1851 indicated that half of total church attendance was nonconformist?
Name the process of buying a position within the army, usually bought by landed classes.
Which reform association was founded by Bright in 1855?
As a result of which Prime Minister did the Crimean war start?
Who replaced Aberdeen in 1855 to premiership?
In which year did Palmerston call an election over foreign policy?
Apart from John Stuart Mill, which other Radical argued for Female Suffrage? Henry...
Name the radical who supported Palmerston's foreign policy. John Arthur...
State the name given to radicals such as Bright and Cobden who preferred non intervention
Which secularist radical argued against religious belief? George Jacob ...
Which working class london Radical edited 'The Nonconformist' paper? Edward...
How many items were left on a tariff after the 1860 Budget?
In 1865, how many dimes on the pound were now taxed after the previous 10?
By how much had the government reduced its expenditure by from 1860-66 considering it was £70million previously?
In which year was the Timber Duty abolished?
Which regional textile workers was Gladstone impressed by after they handled the American Civil War?
Gladstone became increasingly known as the ... William
Over which war did Bright lose a lot of popularity?
In which year did Palmerston die?
The repeal of which tax in 1854 allowed the penny press?
In addition which other duty did Gladstone repeal in 1861?
Which Secretary of the London Trades Council helped Brights election to Westminster in 1865? George...

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