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In 1868 Gladstone famously stated: 'My Mission is to ... Ireland'
What kind of poisonous tree did Gladstone famously refer to Ireland as?
In whose ministry did Gladstone extend the income tax to Ireland in 1853?
In which year did Fenian John McCafferty plan to steal 2,000 rifles and free Irish Nationalist prisoners at Chester Castle?
Which group (headed by Robert Lowe) was Gladstone cautious of when addressing the Irish Question in his first ministry?
True or False, public opinion was in line with further Irish Reform and particularly Home Rule.
The 1870 Irish Land Act changed the word from exorbitant to ...
When was the first actual time Gladstone visited Ireland?
Irish MP Sharman Crawford regularly presented this bill between 1835 and 1851 but with no success.
Palmerston once stated 'Tenant Right is Landlord...'
Which educational bill of 1873 left both sides of Gladstone's spectrum annoyed at restrictive clauses.
The Home Government Association in 1870 was set up by which Protestant Lawyer? Isaac...
In 1873 which association was replaced by the Home Government Association?
Who remained Irish Secretary under Disraeli until 1878?
Previously the Irish Secretary under Disraeli had been able to prevent these...
Between 1879 and 1883 (rounded up to the nearest ten) how many tenants were evicted than those previous years put together?
Who replaced Butt as head of the Home Rule League?
Name the bill of 1880 which aimed to introduce compensation for evicted tenants.
Although this was supported by 51 votes, how many voted against?
The Three parts of Gladstone's Second Irish Land Act included: Fixity of ...
The Three parts of Gladstone's Second Irish Land Act included: Fair...
The Three parts of Gladstone's Second Irish Land Act included: Free
For how many hours did Parnell argue against the Coercion Act in parliament?
In which year did Gladstone arrest Parnell as a result of the Coercion Act by W.E.Forster?
What was the term coined for the mythical figure that began attacking landlords upon Parnell's arrest?
Name the Murders in which Gladstone's nephew Cavendish and the Irish Chief secretary were killed.
In which year was the Third Great Reform Act?
Within Gladstone's ministry who was considered leader of the Radicals?
Within Gladstone's ministry who was considered head of the Whigs?
Which political faction did Parnell insist his followers vote for after his talk with Irish Viceroy Lord Carnarvon?
Name one other incident out of three where the Liberals were divided and lost on an issue.
As a result of Salsibury coming to Power what Act did parliament drop?
Gladstone was optimistic about Salisbury and Home Rule as he felt Salisbury could navigate through the tough House of ...
Which member of Gladstone's family revealed Gladstone's intentions of Home Rule in the Hawarden Kite incident in 1885?
In which month of 1886 did Salsibury resign after a Liberal-inspired vote?
Which important member of the cabinet resigned only two months after Gladstone formed his third ministry?
With Gladstone's Home Rule Bill of 1886, what was the term used for Liberal's who voted against the Bill?
The election as a result of the Bill was considered to be a ... on Hume Rule
What part of Ireland did the Conservatives gain particular support from?
Lord Churchill (famously invited to Ulster by Colonel Sanderson) said ' Ulster will fight and Ulster will be ...'
Which Ulster Unionist did Salisbury give position in cabinet to, to win their support? Edward...
Salisbury famously stated that the Irish were similar to the south african ...
What was the term coined for Gladstone's parliamentary device which he started in his second ministry?
Who did Salisbury appoint as Irish Secretary in 1887 after Hicks Beach's resigination?
In Gladstone's fourth ministry in 1893 how many people turned up to Salisbury's' Hatfield House to hear him speak against Home Rule?
What plan did Parnell denounce as he began to seek Home Rule through political means?
In which year did Pope Leo denounce the Plan but the Irish Church didn't want to accept this idea.
Which policy that Balfour introduced was increasingly succesful by 1895 and was paying dividends?
Which person began to take over the old Parnellites and increasingly failed?
The term 'Bloody Balfour' was coined due to his policies but which town in particular did this apply to most?
Which act did Balfour pass which gave Viceroy's and Magistrates more power?
Which act of 1887 extended Gladstone's act of 1881 to over 100,000 extra leaseholders and was seen as highlighting Liberal Unionist influence?
How much more Land was made purchasable in 1888 as Land Purchase was encouraged?
After introducing a Light Railway Scheme what did Balfour set up in 1890?
Roughly how many Liberal Unionists opposed coercion measures to the extent where they returned to their old party?
The Arlington Street Compact of 1890 redefined the Conservatives, Liberal Unionists and other factions as...
Name one of the other two leading radicals who were prominent with Gladstone at this time...
Name the letters that attempted to blame Parnell for the Phoenix Park Murders.
Name the divorce case which caused outrage for Parnell in 1890 after Gladstone had become increasingly close to him in the previous year.
State the term used in the 1890's to refer to the morality of Nonconformist Christians?
Who did Gladstone suggest to that if Parnell remained Irish Leader that Gladstone would not be elected? Justin...
When was the first Home Rule Bill?
When was the second Home Rule Bill?
When was the General Election which the Liberals won?
After the bill passed commons but failed in the Lords by a huge vote of 419 to 41, Morley tried running a campaign attacking them saying 'Mend them or ... them'

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